If you’re looking for some delicious and authentic Chinese food in the Philippines, be sure to check out North Park! This popular restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, all made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. From classic dishes like congee and honey garlic pork spareribs to more unique options like the North Park Special Toasted Noodles and the Fried Mantao Bread, North Park has something for everyone.

North Park Menu Prices Philippines

North Park Menu Prices Philippines

Party Picks

North Park PP1 Sweet & Sour PorkPP1 Sweet & Sour Pork2,028.00
North Park PP10 King Dao Spareribs with Red SaucePP10 King Dao Spareribs with Red Sauce2,228.00
North Park PP11 Salt & Pepper SpareribsPP11 Salt & Pepper Spareribs2,028.00
North Park PP12 China ChickenPP12 China Chicken1,688.00
North Park PP13 Shanghai ChickenPP13 Shanghai Chicken1,688.00
North Park PP14 Roast Combination PlatterPP14 Roast Combination Platter1,888.00
North Park PP15 Yang Chow Fried RicePP15 Yang Chow Fried Rice888
North Park PP16 Salted Fish with Chicken Fried RicePP16 Salted Fish with Chicken Fried Rice1,098.00
North Park PP2 Sweet & Sour Fish FilletPP2 Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet2,228.00
North Park PP22 Np Chow MienPP22 Np Chow Mien1,188.00
North Park PP23 Pinsec Frito (8 Pieces)PP23 Pinsec Frito (8 Pieces)798
North Park PP24 Siomai (4 Pieces)PP24 Siomai (4 Pieces)1,588.00
North Park PP30 Soft Tofu Veggie Stir FryPP30 Soft Tofu Veggie Stir Fry1,988.00
North Park PP31 Crabmeat Fried RicePP31 Crabmeat Fried Rice1,188.00
North Park PP32 Honey Garlic Pork SpareribsPP32 Honey Garlic Pork Spareribs2,228.00
North Park PP33 Shanghai RollsPP33 Shanghai Rolls1,588.00
North Park PP4 Stir-Fry Beef with Broccoli FlowersPP4 Stir-Fry Beef with Broccoli Flowers2,288.00
North Park PP5 Boneless Honey Lemon ChickenPP5 Boneless Honey Lemon Chicken2,028.00
North Park PP6 Boneless Fried Chicken ChopsPP6 Boneless Fried Chicken Chops1,737.00
North Park PP8 Salted Garlic SquidPP8 Salted Garlic Squid2,228.00


North Park AsadoAsado88
North Park Bola-Bola SiopaoBola-Bola Siopao78
North Park Century Egg and Jelly Fish SaladCentury Egg and Jelly Fish Salad233
North Park Chicken FeetChicken Feet123
North Park Cuapao (2 Pieces)Cuapao (2 Pieces)128
North Park Fresh Prawn DumplingFresh Prawn Dumpling178
North Park Fried Savory Taho SquaresFried Savory Taho Squares134
North Park KikiamKikiam138
North Park Pinsec FritoPinsec Frito118
North Park PotstickersPotstickers143
North Park Shanghai Rolls (5 Pieces)Shanghai Rolls (5 Pieces)188
North Park Shark’s Fin Siomai (4 Pieces)Shark’s Fin Siomai (4 Pieces)118
North Park SiomaiSiomai143
North Park Siomai (12 Pieces)Siomai (12 Pieces)353
North Park Steamed Tofu in Bbq SauceSteamed Tofu in Bbq Sauce143
North Park TaipaoTaipao163
North Park WantonWanton188

Noodles in Soup

North Park NS1 Nanking BeefNS1 Nanking Beef208
North Park NS10 Fresh Prawn Dumpling and 3 Kinds of MushroomNS10 Fresh Prawn Dumpling and 3 Kinds of Mushroom178
North Park NS11 Fresh Prawn Dumpling and Aniseed Beef Tendon188
North Park NS12 Wanton and 3 Kinds of MushroomNS12 Wanton and 3 Kinds of Mushroom148
North Park NS13 Nanking Beef and Aniseed Beef TendonNS13 Nanking Beef and Aniseed Beef Tendon198
North Park NS14 Pork Rib and Fresh Prawn DumplingNS14 Pork Rib and Fresh Prawn Dumpling198
North Park NS15 Pork Rib and WantonNS15 Pork Rib and Wanton168
North Park NS16 Szechuan Tan Tan MienNS16 Szechuan Tan Tan Mien218
North Park NS2 Aniseed Beef TendonNS2 Aniseed Beef Tendon188
North Park NS3 Fresh Prawn DumplingNS3 Fresh Prawn Dumpling228
North Park NS4 Wanton (Light)NS4 Wanton (Light)128
North Park NS5 3 Kinds of MushroomNS5 3 Kinds of Mushroom128
North Park NS6 Double Pork RibNS6 Double Pork Rib168
North Park NS7 Nanking Beef and WantonNS7 Nanking Beef and Wanton178
North Park NS7 Nanking Beef and Wanton (Regular)NS7 Nanking Beef and Wanton (Regular)253
North Park NS8 Aniseed Beef Tendon and WantonNS8 Aniseed Beef Tendon and Wanton168
North Park NS9 Fresh Prawn Dumpling and Nanking BeefNS9 Fresh Prawn Dumpling and Nanking Beef228
NS4 Wanton (Regular)193

Braised Noodles

North Park BN17 Nanking BeefBN17 Nanking Beef323
North Park BN18 Aniseed Beef TendonBN18 Aniseed Beef Tendon263
North Park BN19 WantonBN19 Wanton223
North Park BN20 Fresh Prawn DumplingBN20 Fresh Prawn Dumpling343
North Park BN21 3 Kinds Of MushroomBN21 3 Kinds Of Mushroom203
North Park BN22 Double Pork RibBN22 Double Pork Rib273
North Park BN23 Szechuan Tan Tan MienBN23 Szechuan Tan Tan Mien233

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North Park’s congee is a hearty and comforting dish made with rice porridge, chicken, and vegetables. It’s the perfect comfort food on a cold day.


Honey Garlic Pork Spareribs

North Park’s honey garlic pork spareribs are a delicious and crispy dish that’s perfect for sharing. The ribs are coated in a sweet and tangy honey garlic sauce that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Honey Garlic Pork Spareribs 

North Park Special Toasted Noodles

North Park’s special toasted noodles are a unique and flavorful dish made with noodles, vegetables, and a savory sauce. The noodles are toasted to perfection, giving them a crispy exterior and a soft interior.

North Park Special Toasted Noodles

The Fried Mantao Bread

North Park’s fried mantao bread is a delicious and fluffy bread that’s perfect for dipping in sauces. The bread is fried until golden brown and crispy, and it’s served with a variety of dipping sauces, such as soy sauce, hoisin sauce, and sweet and sour sauce.

The Fried Mantao Bread

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North Park Opening & Closing Hours

Thursday8 am–4 am
Friday8 am–4 am
Saturday8 am–4 am
Sunday8 am–4 am
Monday8 am–4 am
Tuesday8 am–4 am
Wednesday8 am–4 am

Social pages:

Address: 1200 Makati Avenue, Corner Kalayaan Ave, Makati, 1209, Philippines

Phone: +63 919 913 8757

Who owns North Park Restaurant?

North Park Restaurant is owned by the North Park Group of Restaurants, which is headed by Raphael Soon.

What cuisine is North Park?

North Park serves Chinese cuisine.

Is North Park a Chinese restaurant?

Yes, North Park is a Chinese restaurant.

Who owns North Park Lounge?

North Park Lounge is owned by the same company that owns North Park Restaurant, the North Park Group of Restaurants.

What is the largest Chinese restaurant in China?

The largest Chinese restaurant in China is the Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant in Beijing.

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