Daily Grind goes beyond being just a coffeehouse; it’s a fragrant haven for the senses, a vibrant social hub where laughter and the rich aroma of freshly roasted beans intermingle. Each sip of their signature Flat White is an invitation to linger and savor, while the Cheesecake Latte offers an unexpected indulgence. However, it’s not solely about the coffee; their menu is a culinary playground, offering hearty breakfasts that fuel your day, wholesome snacks that satisfy your cravings, and light meals that leave you feeling content.

Daily Grind Coffee Shop Menu Prices Philippines

Daily Grind Coffee Shop Menu Prices Philippines


Hot Beverages

Iced Beverages



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Popular at Daily Grind Coffee Shop Philippines

Iced Spanish Coffee:

Beat the Philippines’ sweltering heat with Daily Grind’s iconic Iced Spanish Coffee. This classic is anything but ordinary. Rich espresso meets a cold, creamy concoction of condensed milk and ice, creating a sweet and potent kick that will jumpstart your senses. Each sip is a delightful dance of hot and cold, creamy and smooth, leaving you refreshed and exhilarated.

Iced Spanish Coffee

Iced Caramel Macchiato:

Embrace the familiar yet irresistible with Daily Grind’s Iced Caramel Macchiato. A symphony of flavors unfolds with each sip: espresso’s dark roast depth dances with the creamy embrace of vanilla syrup, while a swirl of rich caramel drizzle paints the canvas with its sweet and sticky charm.

Iced Caramel Macchiato

Iced White Chocolate Mocha:

Indulge in pure comfort with Daily Grind’s Iced White Chocolate Mocha. Creamy white chocolate syrup seamlessly blends with espresso’s robust aroma, creating a smooth and decadent hug for your taste buds. The cold temperature keeps it light and refreshing, making it a perfect escape from the Philippines’ heat without sacrificing richness.

Iced White Chocolate Mocha

Coffee Jelly Frappe:

Craving a uniquely playful treat? Daily Grind’s Coffee Jelly Frappe is your answer. Blended coffee ice meets chewy coffee jelly cubes, creating a textural adventure that will keep your taste buds engaged. The rich coffee flavor shines through, complemented by a hint of sweetness and the delightful chew of the jelly bits.

Coffee Jelly Frappe

Iced Matcha:

Embrace the calming serenity of Daily Grind’s Iced Matcha. Vibrant green matcha powder is expertly blended with ice, creating a smooth and refreshing beverage that’s good for the soul. The earthy, slightly sweet taste of matcha is accentuated by the cold temperature, offering a light and invigorating contrast to the Philippines’ tropical climate.

Iced Matcha

Java Chip Frappe:

Get your day going with a bang with Daily Grind’s Java Chip Frappe. Blended coffee ice swirls with rich chocolate sauce and bursts of crunchy chocolate chips, creating a flavor explosion that will wake up your senses. The cold temperature keeps it refreshing, while the chocolate adds a playful sweetness that perfectly complements the coffee’s robust aroma.

Java Chip Frappe

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Daily Grind Coffee Shop Opening & Closing Hours

Tuesday10 am–9 pm
Wednesday10 am–9 pm
Thursday10 am–9 pm
Friday10 am–9 pm
Saturday10 am–9 pm
Sunday(Christmas Eve)10 am–9 pmHours might differ
Monday(Christmas Day)10 am–9 pmHours might differ

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Phone: +63 919 954 1533

Who are the owners of the grind coffee shop?

The masterminds behind the charming Grind Coffee Shop are none other than Ahmed “Aucky” El-Tayash.

Where is grind coffee from?

Unveiling the Birthplace of Grind’s Coffee
Welcome back to my blog, coffee enthusiasts! Today, we’re delving into the roots of that delicious cup of joe we all adore. Ever wondered where Grind coffee comes from? Well, the answer lies amidst the vibrant streets of London. Grind isn’t just a coffee company; it’s a coffee haven deeply rooted in the heart of London. Emerging onto the scene in 2011 in the trendy Shoreditch district, Grind has since expanded its presence, gracing the city with its cafes and a cutting-edge coffee roastery. So, the next time you savor that rich Grind coffee flavor, remember that it traces its origin back to the bustling streets of London.

Is grind coffee ethical?

At our cozy corner, we take pride in ensuring that our coffee beans are carefully selected from sustainable farms scattered across the globe. The best part? Every sip you take is not just a treat for your taste buds, but also a positive contribution to the environment, as we ensure our deliveries are carbon-positive. And guess what? Our commitment doesn’t stop there. We personally roast these beans with love right here in the heart of London, guaranteeing a fresh and flavorful experience in every cup.

Who is the CEO of grind coffee?

Curious about the driving force behind Grind Coffee? Well, let me introduce you to David Abrahamovitch, a true Londoner at heart. Back when he was in his twenties, destiny handed him a unique gift—a small circular building located smack dab on the bustling Old Street roundabout, courtesy of his late father’s will. This spot, once a phone shop owned by his father (also named David), became the canvas for his entrepreneurial dreams. Teaming up with his pal Kaz James, an Australian DJ, they embarked on a journey to transform this space into something extraordinary.

Who created grinds?

Grinds, the brainchild of two college roommates and ex-baseball players, Matt Canepa and Pat Pezet, sprang into existence back in 2009 in sunny California. These two innovative minds came together to create this brand that’s become synonymous with energy-boosting products.

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