Ate Rica’s Bacsilog, a food chain in the Philippines, is not only famous for serving the best bacsilog in the country but also has the honor of introducing the first and original Bacsilog. The menu of Ate Rica’s Bacsilog comes in various variants of Bacsilog that one can enjoy. It’s obvious that Bacsilog is claimed as one of its signature dishes. Others are Hotsilog, Footslog, Tapsilog and Tocilog. These dishes are made with the combination of rice, sunny-side-up egg, and their specially concocted sauce. 

Ate Rica’s Bacsilog menu Philippines with prices 

Ate Rica’s Bacsilog is a popular food chain in the Philippines. The reason behind its popularity is serving fantastic food on a friendly budget. They especially take care of the students and come with prices that could be reachable for them. Not only their food is good and the prices are suitable, but also the serving size of their dishes is bigger than in usual restaurants. Here is the latest list of Ate Rica’s Bacsilog menu Philippines with updated prices: 

New Seasonal Product

Ate Rica’s Bacsilog – Arnaiz Pasay [Available for LONG-DISTANCE DELIVERY] : BaclongtoThe product offers 1 Bacon (50 grams) 1 Footlong (10-11slices) 1 Tocino (50 grams) cooked as the main ingredient with the standard serving of rice, one (1) egg, cheese sauce, and liquid seasoning.240
Ate Rica’s Bacsilog – Arnaiz Pasay [Available for LONG-DISTANCE DELIVERY] : KebabsilogThe Product offers 1 kebab (sliced into 2 pcs) cooked as the main ingredient with the standard serving of rice, one (1) egg, cheese sauce, and liquid seasoning.132
Bacon Kebab180
Hotdog Kebab180
Kebab Kebab180
Plant Based Sausage Bacon180
Plant Based Sausage Footlong180
Plant Based Sausage Hotdog180
Plant Based Sausage Nuggets180
Plant Based Sausage Silog132
Plant Based Sausage Tapa180
Plant Based Sausage Tocino180
Tapa Kebab180

Saya Silog Meals


Sulit Silog Meals

Bagnet Sisig Silog132

Saya Combo Meals

Bacon Bacon154
Bacon Footlong154
Bacon Hotdog154
Footlong Footlong154
Hotdog Footlong154
Hotdog Hotdog154

Sulit Combo Meals

Bacon Nuggets180
Bacon Tapa180
Bacon Tocino180
Bagnet Bagnet Sisig180
Bagnet Sisig Bacon180
Bagnet Sisig Footlong180
Bagnet Sisig Hotdog180
Bagnet Sisig Nuggets180
Bagnet Sisig Tapa180
Bagnet Sisig Tocino180
Footlong Nuggets180
Footlong Tapa180
Footlong Tocino180
Hotdog Nuggets180
Hotdog Tapa180
Hotdog Tocino180
Nuggets Nuggets180
Tapa Nuggets180
Tapa Tapa180
Tapa Tocino180
Tocino Nuggets180
Tocino Tocino180

In the Ate Rica’s Bacsilog menu Philippines you have other exciting options to choose which include NuggetSilog, TunaSilog, and CornSilog. In their Sulit Silog combo category, Ate Rica’s menu gives you a combined taste of both Saya and Sulit such as Tapa-Tacino, Bactap, Bacon-Tacino , Tapa- Nuggets, and more. 

Ate Rica’s Bacsilog Philippines 2022 

If you are a foodie then Ate Rica’s Bacsilog is truly a go-to place to satisfy your craving. It will drop your jaws with its best quality products. The Ingredients they use in the preparation of their dishes are exceptionally good. You will get a great dining experience at Ate Rica’s Bacsilog Besides delicious food, the workers here are friendly and cooperative. The ambiance is quite simple though their food delivery service is quick and makes sure to deliver your order as soon as possible. 

Updated Ate Rica’s Bacsilog menu Philippines 

Ate Rica’s Bacsilog was opened in 2006. Almost 16 years have passed and the restaurant is still committed to its taste and quality. It has become a recognizable brand and set itself apart from other food serving franchises by providing a unique and superior kind of silog. Ate Rica’s Bacsilog has remained strong and determined with a vision of providing more people with the famous Bacsilog with its memorable recipe and taste. Here are some of the mentions from Ate Rica’s Bacsilog menu Philippines: Backlog 

ate ricas bacsilog fi 1
Ate Rica’s Bacsilog menu the Philippines

If the dish is in the name of the restaurant, the restaurant won’t let you down on the dish for sure. Once you tasted it, you will instantly understand why it is loved by everybody. The bacon and egg, which are fried to perfection, are seasoned with their signature cheese sauce that is truly addictive. It’s the cheese sauce that makes Ate Rica’s Bacsilog distinct to other silog food establishments.

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Ate Rica’s Bacsilog Philippines


footlong is soft and savory. Tasting the toasted parts, I think I would prefer a toasted footlong. This isn’t a cheese dog but it became cheesy because of Ate Rica’s Special Cheese Sauce. The sauce always do the trick. 

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Tapa and Tuna 

You can also combine two viands you desire to make a combo silog. But I guess my choice of combination doesn’t complement each other although they are great individually. The tapa here is juicy and chunky and flavorful and all.

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Tapa and Tuna 

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