The Philippines is widely famous for its mouth-watering cuisines. The country has an infinite number of fantastic restaurants. Angrydobo (also known as Adobo) also comes on the list of those restaurants, which stand second to none in terms of delighting people with extremely delicious food. Angrydobo serves hot Adobe-based meals with rice and bread, with an extraordinary twist. The menu of Angrydobo Philippines has a distinct variety of food items to serve. Some of the dishes of the Angrydobo menu which are Served on heart-shaped plates include Angry Plates Short Ribs, Angry Plates Chicken Thigh, Angry Plates Sisig, Angry Plates Flakes, Angry Plates Kangong, Super Saucy Plates Bulalo Tendon with Peppered Gravy, Super Saucy Plates Keldedobe and many more! 

Angrydobo menu Philippines with prices 

Angrydobo menu has the capacity to make a long lasting impression with its diverse variety of food. However, the food is not only a magic behind its large number of customers. Infact, it’s the prices of the food which plays a key role to lure more and more customers. Here is the complete list of all the food items of Angrydobo menu Philippines with affordable prices: 

Bnut Bars

Butternut Bakery Assorted BoxAssorted Box562.5
Butternut Bakery Double Chocolate BrowniesDouble Chocolate Brownies437.5
Butternut Bakery Ube Bliss BarsUbe Bliss Bars475

Whole Cakes

Butternut Bakery 5 Layer Original Brazo5 alternating layers of soft as cloud meringue and housemade yema filling, dusted with confectioner’s sugar.137.5
Butternut Bakery 5 Layer Ube Brazo5 alternating layers of pillowy-soft ube meringue and housemade ube halaya filling, dusted with confectioner’s sugar.1,562.50
Butternut Bakery Cupid’s Strawberry Chantilly CremeLayers of flavorful sponge, fresh berries compote covered in strawberry chantilly creme and topped with more berries, fresh flowers and 24k gold flakes.2,437.50
Butternut Bakery Cupid’s Strawberry Chantilly CremeCupid’s Strawberry Chantilly Creme2,437.50
Butternut Bakery La La Leche Flan CakeDelicate vanilla chiffon cake layers filled with tangy dayap curd and embraced by a dayap-kissed chantilly creme. Topped with the smoothest leche flan cubes, candied dayap wheels, freshly grated dayap zest and 24k gold flakes.2,312.50
Butternut Bakery Mocha Chiffon Cake (with French Buttercream)Classic mocha chiffon cake adorned with elegant French buttercream flowers.1,562.50
Butternut Bakery Moistiest Carrot Cake EverIncredibly moist carrot cake with generous amounts of tangy and velvety cream cheese, finished off with a medley of walnuts and sunflower seeds.218.75
Butternut Bakery Pandan Mango Swoon CakeDelicate layers of pandan chiffon cake with housemade pandan custard and mango bits, covered with pandan frosting and topped with fresh mango slivers and 24k gold flakes.2,312.50
Butternut Bakery Single Origin Chocolate Cake3 layers of decadent chocolate cake layered with chocolate fudge using single origin African cocoa powder, and topped with a housemade caramel sauce.250
Butternut Bakery Ube Chiffon (with Ube Halaya Filling)Generous layers of ube chiffon cake and ube halaya filling, topped with hand-piped French Buttercream flowers.206.25
Butternut Bakery White Chocolate Tres LechesLight, milky, and extremely heavenly! Moist sponge cake with a delightful custard filling, enveloped in vanilla whipped cream frosting and topped with white chocolate shavings.175

Baby Cakes

Butternut Bakery Classic Red Velvet CakeClassic Red Velvet Cake493.75
Butternut Bakery Cupid’s Strawberry Chantilly Creme Baby CakeCupid’s Strawberry Chantilly Creme Baby Cake493.75
Butternut Bakery La La Leche Flan Baby CakeOur bestselling, Lala Leche Flan Cake with dayap curd and 18k gold flakes in baby cake form!493.75
Butternut Bakery Mocha Chiffon Cake (with French Buttercream)Classic mocha chiffon cake adorned with elegant French buttercream flowers. (3×6 Loaf Pan)431.25
Butternut Bakery Moistest Carrot Cake EverMoistest Carrot Cake Ever475
Butternut Bakery Pandan Mango Swoon Baby CakePandan chiffon cake with a layer of pandan custard topped with pandan frosting and fresh mango chunks. (3×6 loaf pan)487.5
Butternut Bakery Single Origin Chocolate CakeSingle Origin Chocolate Cake431.24
Butternut Bakery Ube Chiffon (with Ube Halaya Filling)Ube Chiffon (with Ube Halaya Filling)431.25

Breads & Pastries

Almond Ensaymada118.75
Banana Bread (Whole)175
Cheese Cupcake (8 Pieces)175
Cheese Rolls106.25
Classic Ensaymada118.75
Macaroons (8 Pieces)175
Pan de Coco (3 Pieces)118.75
Raisin Cinnamon Roll181.25
Ube Ensaymada106.25
Yema Bread (8 Pieces)150

Angrydobo menu has the potential to impress its clients, especially with its bestselling angry bowls. They have Spicy Crunch Pork, Classic Flakes, Spicy Classic Flakes, Spicy Glazed Pork and Karekare Veggies and GG in Bowls. Each of these bowls is served with Hot evidenced by the emission of steam. The taste of these bowls is super delicious. 

Fulfilling the requirements of the customers is probably the basic concern of any restaurant and Angrydobo menu has everything one can possibly desire. Alongside Spicy Bowls and others, Angrydobo menu has Kanchos, Lumpia Ubod, Cocoballs, Super Pops Mashroom, Super Pop Chicken and Tokwa’t Doba on the table. Drinks and Sweets are also part of their broad menu. Beside comfort food, the staff is very courteous and generous. The place is tidy and spacious as well. And the delivery service is quite impressive. So be a part of Angrydobo and make your lunch and dinner joyous. 

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Angrydobo menu Philippines 2022 

It is needless to say how popular Angrydobo is. As it was Established by the famous Philippines actress Judy Anne Lumagui Santos in 2019. Since then, the restaurant has reached the heights of fame and success. Angrydobo often makes innovative recipes and lets you experience different versions of food on

every single visit. Some of the luscious products of Angrydobo menu Philippines are: 

Angrydobo menu Philippines 2022 

Angrydobo Classic 

Their Angrydobo is excellent, richly marinated and rightly seasoned. It may come too strong eating the meat alone but once you pair it up with rice, it gets well-balanced. 

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Angrydobo Classic 

Angry Sardines with Egg 

The Angry Sardines with Egg, though as basic as it may sound, is a great dish. It features rich tomato goodness that pairs well with hot-steaming rice. As a tip, you may want to pick either laing or gising-gising for your side dish, since the kangkong may make it too dry. 

deviled eggs with spanish style sardines
Angry Sardines with Egg 

Angrydobo Tofu

For those who are trying to avoid meat a good alternative for them is Angrydobo Tofu. It has this savory sauce marked with subtle sweetness. The fresh chili garlic condiment goes perfectly with this dish and makes the taste more katakamtakam. 

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Tofu .

Chocnut Sansrival 

Layers of Crispy Chocolate Peanut Meringue, Chocnut Butter Cream and Crumbled Chocnut.

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Chocnut Sansrival

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