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Kaya Korean Restaurant Menu Prices Philippines

kaya korean restaurant Menu Philippines 2023 With Prices List

Bibimbap Kimchi Chige Soondoobu Chige Haemul Pajeon Chulpan Ojingo Kalbi Jjim Kaya Salad Kaya Modeumjoen Haemul Pajeon Kalbi Jjim Alamang Bibimbap Bibimbap Jjin Mandoo Goon Mandoo Mandoo Gook Bossam Jokbal Seng Kalbi Kalbi Gui Ggot Kalbisal Samkyupsal WuSamKyup La Galbi Yangnyeom Samkyupsal Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Dweji Bulgogi Bulgogi Dweji Kalbi Bassak Bulgogi Dak Bulgogi Japchae Beef Ramyun Mool Nengmyun Boode Chige Bulgogi Jeongol Chulpan Ojingo Chulpan



Bibimbap₱ 350
Kimchi Chige₱ 370
Soondoobu Chige₱ 370
Haemul Pajeon₱ 390
Chulpan Ojingo₱ 330
Kalbi Jjim₱ 410


Kaya Salad₱ 350
Kaya Modeumjoen₱ 440
Haemul Pajeon₱ 390

House Specialties

Kalbi Jjim₱ 410
Alamang Bibimbap₱ 370
Bibimbap₱ 350
Jjin Mandoo₱ 370
Goon Mandoo₱ 365
Mandoo Gook₱ 390
Bossam₱ 940
Jokbal₱ 1100

Grilled Specialties

Seng Kalbi₱ 1050
Kalbi Gui₱ 1030
Ggot Kalbisal₱ 1080
Samkyupsal₱ 390
WuSamKyup₱ 400
La Galbi₱ 690
Yangnyeom Samkyupsal₱ 390

Set Menu

Set 1₱ 700
Set 2₱ 990
Set 3₱ 790
Set 4₱ 1160
Dweji Bulgogi₱ 390
Bulgogi₱ 410
Dweji Kalbi₱ 400
Bassak Bulgogi₱ 390
Dak Bulgogi₱ 350


Japchae₱ 320
Beef Ramyun₱ 250
Mool Nengmyun₱ 390


Boode Chige₱ 720
Bulgogi Jeongol₱ 740


Chulpan Ojingo₱ 330
Chulpan Sewu₱ 360
Ojingo Bokkum₱ 520
Yun U Gui₱ 470
Sewu Twigim₱ 330
Godeungo Guifrom ₱ 330


Gyeran Jjim₱ 210
Tukboggifrom ₱ 280
Kimbap₱ 255
Dooboo Twigim₱ 220
Dooboo Kimchi₱ 420
Kangkong Bokkum₱ 250

Soup with Rice

SamGyeTang₱ 830
Soondoobu Chige₱ 370
Kimchi Chige₱ 370
Dwenjang Chige₱ 370
YookGyeJang₱ 390
Doobu Chige₱ 370
Seolleongtang₱ 390
Kalbi Tang₱ 410
Dogani Tang₱ 410


Bulgogi Deopbap₱ 330
Bokkumbap₱ 220
Chicken Katsu₱ 350
Rice₱ 70
Maneul Bokkumbap₱ 170
Kimchi Bokkumbap₱ 250
Mango Kimbap₱ 250
Beef Kimbap₱ 250

How many branches does Kaya Korean Restaurant have in the Philippines?

6 branches are Kaya Korean Restaurant in the Philippines.

Who is the owner of Kaya Korean Restaurant Philippines?

Brgy. Dolores Mc Arthur Hiway is the owner of Kaya Korean Restaurant Philippines.

Does Kaya Korean Restaurant accept credit cards?

Yes! Kaya Korean Restaurant accepts credit cards.

Is Kaya Korean Restaurant Halal?

Kaya Korean Restaurant halal status is a matter of debate and personal interpretation. Some believe it is halal, while others do not. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

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