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Kanto Freestyle Breakfast Menu Philippines

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast Menu Philippines With Price List


Kanto Boy Breakfast

Indulge in mouthwatering options like New Zealand Beef Tapa (₱265), Pampanga Tocino (₱212), Spam And Eggs (₱241), and more. Satisfy your cravings with their range of flavors, from Vigan Longganisa (₱227) to Tuyo At Kesong Puti (₱212).

Other Kanto

Indulge in a flavorful Honey Garlic Chicken for just ₱308 or savor the Crispy Pork Belly priced at ₱304. If you’re craving a classic, try the Adobo Flakes at ₱282 or the Breaded Pork Chop for ₱242. For a unique twist, relish the PuDaEsDi (Pusit, Dangit, And Espada At Diilis) at ₱257. Don’t miss the comforting Sisig Rice at ₱189 or the hearty Chicken And Waffles for ₱318. Treat your taste buds to the French Toast with Bacon and Eggs for ₱220, or opt for the Omelette On Toast at ₱147. Enjoy the perfect combination of flavors with the Hash Brown Topped With Poached Egg And Tomato Pesto, priced at ₱214. Experience a local favorite, Chocnut Champorado with Tuyo Flakes, only ₱147.

Pancakes and Waffles ATBP

Their menu boasts a mouthwatering array of options that will satisfy any pancake or waffle lover. From the Fluffy Pancake at just ₱133 to the exquisite Ube and White Chocolate Ganache Pancake at ₱177, every bite is a treat. Don’t miss the Pancake Platter for ₱277 or the Waffles Topped with Goya and Chocnut Ganache at ₱177. With offerings like Grilled Buttered Suman with Ube and Goya Ganache (₱148) and French Toast varieties starting at ₱183, like Ube and White Chocolate Ganache, this breakfast haven promises an unforgettable culinary journey.


This charming eatery, tucked away like a hidden gem, boasts a menu that reads like a symphony of morning delights. From the classic elegance of Eggs Benedict (₱175) to the hearty embrace of Spamdesal (₱183), every bite tells a tale of flavors meticulously crafted. For a taste of European flair, the Croque Madamme (₱175) and Croque Monsieur (₱175) transport you to the streets of Paris. Don’t miss the local infusions like the Spanish Sardines Benedict (₱175) and Open Faced Longganisa Sandwich (₱175), celebrating the Philippines’ vibrant palate. Their Hot Pandesal with Cream Cheese Pimiento, Pesto Butter, and Kesong Puti (₱133) is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

Ala Carte

From the savory Honey Garlic Chicken at ₱295 to the flavorful Bacon Cheese Mushroom Omelette at ₱133, each dish is a culinary masterpiece. Whether you’re in the mood for the tender NZ Beef Tapa (₱166) or the delectable Tuyo Flakes And Kesong Puti (₱129), Kanto Freestyle Breakfast delivers a breakfast feast that promises to satisfy your taste buds.


The delectable Garlic Rice, priced at only ₱41, was a perfect start to the day. I indulged in their scrumptious 2 Eggs Freestyle for ₱54, accompanied by a mouthwatering Hashbrown at ₱129. The options were endless, from the simple pleasure of Plain Rice (₱34) to the burst of flavors in dishes like Tomato Pesto (₱41) and Kesong Puti (₱41). The array continued with tempting choices like Toast (₱48), Waffle (₱133), and the irresistible Fluffy Pancake 1 Layer, priced at just ₱45.


Who owns Kanto freestyle breakfast?

“Discovering the Story Behind Kanto Freestyle Breakfast
Have you ever wondered about the masterminds behind the beloved Kanto Freestyle Breakfast? Well, let’s dive into the fascinating history! Back in 2011, tucked along the streets of Mandaluyong City, a charming gem emerged in the form of Kanto Freestyle Breakfast. The creative minds responsible for this culinary haven are none other than the Juanta Brothers—Vincent and Val, who embarked on this flavorful journey with the support of two other co-owners. Interestingly, it was Vincent’s wife, Sandz, who revealed that the whole concept of establishing an Affordable Gourmet-style restaurant at the comfort of their home was initially envisioned by her husband. This heartwarming origin story adds an extra layer of flavor to every bite of their scrumptious breakfast offerings.”

Who owns Kanto Restaurant?

Absolutely, if you’re wondering about the brains behind Kanto Restaurant, it’s none other than Diona Joyce. She’s the proud owner of this culinary gem, and you can catch more about her role at Kanto by Tita Flips on her LinkedIn profile. So, there you have it – the visionary owner who’s steering the ship at Kanto!

How many branches does Kanto Freestyle Breakfast
in the Philippines?

11 branches are Kanto Freestyle Breakfast in the Philippines

Does Kanto Freestyle Breakfast accept credit cards?

Yes! Kanto Freestyle Breakfast accepts credit cards.

Is Kanto Freestyle Breakfast halal?

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast halal status is a matter of debate and personal interpretation. Some believe it is halal, while others do not. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

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