Seabu Restaurant in the Philippines is a lively and relaxed place known for its fresh seafood dishes, especially those with bold garlic and cheesy flavors.They specialize in seafood, offering options like garlic shrimp, cheesy scallops, and crispy crablets. Their menu might also have non-seafood choices like chicken inato to cater to different preferences. Popular dishes include Cheesy Garlic Scallops and Original Garlic Shrimp, known for their distinct garlicky and cheesy flavors. For a fun and shareable side dish, they have Calamari Fries. Chicken Inato adds a Filipino touch with smoky and savory flavors from annatto spice.

Seabu Menu Prices Philippines

Seabu Menu Prices Philippines


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Popular at Seabu Philippines

Cheesy Garlic Scallops:

Seabu’s Cheesy Garlic Scallops are a creamy concerto, a vibrant melody of juicy scallops bathed in a velvety cheese and garlic sauce. Imagine each bite a delightful duet, the tender scallops harmonizing with the rich flavors for a taste of pure ocean-infused indulgence. It’s a classic reinvented, a testament to Seabu’s dedication to transforming simple seafood into a luxurious masterpiece.

 Cheesy Garlic Scallops:

Original Garlic Shrimp (Tray):

Craving a crustacean chorus? Seabu’s Original Garlic Shrimp (Tray) is a garlicky tango, a vibrant melody of plump shrimp bathed in a savory dance of garlic. Imagine each bite a playful chorus, the succulent shrimp sizzling with flavor for a taste of pure seafood bliss.

 Original Garlic Shrimp (Tray):

Original Garlic Shrimp:

Embrace the garlicky groove! Seabu’s Original Garlic Shrimp is a solo serenade, a poem of tender shrimp nestled in a savory garlic glaze. Imagine each bite a satisfying hum, the simple ingredients whispering of home-cooked goodness. It’s a familiar favorite, a testament to Seabu’s dedication to the comforting power of classic seafood dishes.

Original Garlic Shrimp:

Calamari Fries:

Prepare for a crispy fiesta! Seabu’s Calamari Fries are a textural tango, a vibrant medley of golden calamari rings bursting with savory surprises. Imagine each bite a delightful crackle, the crispy exterior giving way to tender squid for a taste of pure fun. It’s a playful side dish, a testament to Seabu’s ability to elevate simple ingredients into a crowd-pleasing adventure.

 Calamari Fries:

Chicken Inato:

Seabu’s Chicken Inato is a tender ballad, a poem of juicy chicken infused with the aromatic whispers of annatto spice. Imagine each bite a warm sigh, the smoky flavors clinging to the succulent meat for a taste of island-inspired comfort.

Chicken Inato:

Crispy Crablets:

Prepare for a tiny treasure hunt! Seabu’s Crispy Crablets are a crunchy concerto, a vibrant medley of miniature crabs enveloped in a golden armor. Imagine each bite a delightful surprise, the crispy shell giving way to tender crustacean whispers for a taste of pure ocean fun. It’s a unique adventure, a testament to Seabu’s willingness to showcase local delicacies in a playful way.

Crispy Crablets:

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Seabu Opening & Closing Hours

Wednesday9 am–9 pm
Thursday9 am–9 pm
Friday9 am–9 pm
Saturday9 am–9 pm
Sunday9 am–9 pm
Tuesday9 am–9 pm

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Phone: +63 917 775 7700

How many branches does Seabu have in the Philippines?

Seabu boasts a total of 13 branches sprinkled across the beautiful islands of the Philippines.

Who is the owner of Seabu in the Philippines?

Seabu in the Philippines is under the ownership of JG Summit Holdings.

Does Seabu accept credit cards?

Absolutely! Seabu is more than happy to accommodate payments via credit cards. So, whether you prefer to settle your bill with plastic or cash, you’re all set at Seabu!

Is Seabu halal?

Seabu is halal or not has been a topic of discussion among many people. While some argue that it is halal, others hold a different view. Ultimately, the decision to consume it or not depends on personal interpretation and beliefs. It’s essential to respect each individual’s choice and allow them to decide for themselves.

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