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Hello Macao Imperial Tea lovers, are you looking for the latest Macao Imperial Tea Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Macao Imperial Tea Menu 2023 Philippines with prices.

Macao Imperial Tea Menu Prices Philippines

Macao Imperial Tea Menu Philippines 2023 With Prices List

Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea Cheesecake Oreo Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea Cheesecake Panda Cheesecake Cocoa Cheesecake Matcha Cheesecake Panda Cheesecake Purple Taro Cheesecake Oreo Cheesecake Matcha Cheesecake Cocoa Cheesecake Taro Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea Chestnut Cream Jasmine Green Tea Chestnut Cream Osmanthus Oolong Tea Chestnut Cream Tea Chestnut Cream Cocoa Chestnut Cream Uji Matcha Cream Cheese Sea Salt Jasmine Green Tea Cream Cheese Osmanthus Oolong Tea Cream Cheese Red Rose Tea Cream Cheese Ruby Tea Cream Cheese Four Seasons Tea Cream Cheese White Peach Oolong Tea Cream Cheese Milk Tea Cream Cheese Oreo Milk

Best Cheesecake In Manila



Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Teafrom ₱ 140
Cheesecake Oreofrom ₱ 140
Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Teafrom ₱ 140
Cheesecake Pandafrom ₱ 150
Cheesecake Cocoafrom ₱ 135
Cheesecake Matchafrom ₱ 155


Cheesecake Pandafrom ₱ 150
Cheesecake Purple Tarofrom ₱ 135
Cheesecake Oreofrom ₱ 140
Cheesecake Matchafrom ₱ 155
Cheesecake Cocoafrom ₱ 135
Cheesecake Tarofrom ₱ 130
Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Teafrom ₱ 140

Chestnut Cream

Chestnut Cream Jasmine Green Teafrom ₱ 120
Chestnut Cream Osmanthus Oolong Teafrom ₱ 125
Chestnut Cream Teafrom ₱ 135
Chestnut Cream Cocoafrom ₱ 135
Chestnut Cream Uji Matchafrom ₱ 155

Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese Sea Salt Jasmine Green Teafrom ₱ 110
Cream Cheese Osmanthus Oolong Teafrom ₱ 120
Cream Cheese Red Rose Teafrom ₱ 125
Cream Cheese Ruby Teafrom ₱ 130
Cream Cheese Four Seasons Teafrom ₱ 130
Cream Cheese White Peach Oolong Teafrom ₱ 135
Cream Cheese Milk Teafrom ₱ 135
Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Teafrom ₱ 140
Cream Cheese Uji Matchafrom ₱ 150
Cream Cheese Cocoafrom ₱ 135


Cranberry Teafrom ₱ 120

Milk Tea

Original Milk Teafrom ₱ 90
Black Pearl Milk Teafrom ₱ 110
Grass Jelly Milk Teafrom ₱ 110

Red Bean

Red Bean and Pudding Milk Teafrom ₱ 130
Red Bean and Pudding Matchafrom ₱ 150
Red Bean and Matcha Milk Shakefrom ₱ 150


Yakult Green Teafrom ₱ 75
Mango Yakultfrom ₱ 120


Americanofrom ₱ 130
Lattefrom ₱ 140


Cappuccinofrom ₱ 140
Mochafrom ₱ 155
White Mochafrom ₱ 165
Caramel Macchiatofrom ₱ 165
Spanish Lattefrom ₱ 155
Latte Hazelnutfrom ₱ 140
Latte Almondfrom ₱ 140
Cappuccino Mpresso Coffeefrom ₱ 150
Mocha Mpressofrom ₱ 165
White Mocha Mpressofrom ₱ 175
Caramel Mpressofrom ₱ 175

Special Drink

Hot Matcha₱ 165
Osmanthus Oolong Tea₱ 160
Kitten Milk Tea₱ 130
For Me₱ 195
For You₱ 195


Cherry Blossom Soda₱ 145
Green Apple Soda₱ 145
Over the Rainbow Soda₱ 165
Blue Cucarao Soda₱ 145
Lemon Fizz Soda₱ 145
Midsummer Soda₱ 145

Tote Bags

Tote Bag Design 1₱ 150
Tote Bag Design 2₱ 150
Tote Bag Design 3₱ 150
Tote Bag Design 4₱ 150

Who owns Macao Imperial Tea Philippines?

Warmest congratulations to our founder and CEO, Avin C. Ong, MBA, for being recognized as Regus Entrepreneur of the Year. To more great things ahead, cheers!

Where does Macao Imperial Tea originated?


Macao Imperial Tea brand originate from Macau, with over 400 branches in Macau, Vietnam, Canada, Philippines, Singapore, China and United States. Also one of the fastest-growing cafe chains of Macau is proudly brought into Philippines.

Why Macao Imperial Tea is famous?

Macao Imperial Tea is undoubtedly one of the most popular milk tea cafes around the country and even in other countries and territories like Macau, Vietnam, China, and the USA. Macao Imperial Tea’s delicious milk tea blends and distinctive flavors have endeared it to Filipino milk tea enthusiasts, both young and old

Is there a Macao imperial tea in Macau?

Macao Imperial Tea provides Taiwanese-inspired tea drinks and their own tumbler bottles are also available. When strolling around in either of their branches in Old Taipa Village or Macau, it’s a perfect treat in a hot sunny day.

Why is Macao SAR so rich?

Tourism is the backbone of Macau’s economy, and much of it geared towards gambling, which was legalised in the 19th century and has since been the linchpin of the economy and an important source of revenue for the government.

How much does it cost to franchise Macao in the Philippines?

PHP 1,500,000

Franchise Fee: PHP 1,500,000. Investment Capital: PHP 9m.

Why is it called Macao?

The name “Macau” (Portuguese pronunciation IPA: [mɐ. ‘kaw]) is thought to be derived from the Templo de A-Má (Temple of A-Ma or Ma Kok Temple) (媽閣廟, Cantonese Jyutping: Maa1 Gok3 Miu6, local pronunciation: Maa5 Gok3 Miu6 or Maa5 Gok3 Miu5), a still-existing landmark built in 1448 dedicated to the goddess Matsu.

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