While Sizzling Express, a well-known Filipino restaurant chain, is celebrated for its delicious sizzling dishes, reasonable prices, and relaxed atmosphere, with a menu featuring a wide variety of meats and vegetarian options inspired by traditional Filipino cuisine, another restaurant called Sizzler promoted steak and combination steak dinners with an optional salad bar to provide customers with a full-service dining experience at a price slightly higher than that of fast-food chains. To manage costs, many restaurants in this industry employed in-house meat cutters who would trim steaks and grind beef.

Sizzling Express  Menu Prices Philippines

Sizzling Express  Menu Prices Philippines


Sizzling Beef

Sizzling Pork

Sizzling Chicken

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Short Order

Sizzling Sausages




Popular at Sizzling Express Philippines

Liempo Steak:

This sizzling star is a carnivore’s dream. Tender, marinated pork belly (liempo) sizzles on a hot plate, its edges caramelizing to crispy perfection. Each bite is a burst of savory-sweet goodness, the fatty richness perfectly balanced by a tangy dipping sauce. It’s a classic for a reason, and one bite will tell you why.

Liempo Steak:

Pork Sisig

Sizzling Express isn’t just about sizzling; it’s about flavor revolutions. And no dish embodies this spirit more than the Pork Sisig. Chopped pork face, sizzling with onions, chilies, and a squeeze of calamansi, explodes on your palate with every bite. The textures dance from crunchy to creamy, the spiciness tickles your taste buds, and the tangy calamansi cuts through it all, leaving you wanting more.

Pork Sisig

Tapa Tips

Tapa Tips at Sizzling Express are like blank canvases for your culinary creativity. Thinly sliced, marinated beef tapa sizzles on a hot plate, waiting to be dressed in your choice of sauces and toppings. Go classic with garlic fried rice and a sunny-side-up egg, or get adventurous with mango salsa and avocado slices. Each bite is a celebration of tender beef and endless possibilities, perfect for breakfast, lunch, or even a late-night craving.

Tapa Tips

Beef Teriyaki

Sizzling Express takes you on a trip to Japan with their delectable Beef Teriyaki. Juicy beef slices glisten with a sticky-sweet teriyaki glaze, caramelized on the sizzling plate. Each bite is a harmonious blend of savory meat and umami-rich sauce, the sweetness balanced by a hint of ginger and garlic.

Beef Teriyaki

Sirloin Steak

For those who crave pure, unadulterated steak goodness, Sizzling Express’s Sirloin Steak is your knight in shining armor. A thick-cut sirloin steak, cooked to your liking, arrives sizzling on a hot plate, begging to be devoured. The char-grilled exterior gives way to juicy, tender meat, a symphony of textures and flavors that speaks for itself.

Sirloin Steak

Quarter Pounder Burger

Sometimes, the most satisfying meals are the simplest ones. And Sizzling Express’s Quarter Pounder Burger proves just that. A juicy, perfectly seasoned patty nestled between a toasted bun, dressed with all the classic fixings (tomato, lettuce, onion, cheese, and mayo), arrives sizzling on a hot plate. Each bite is a familiar comfort, a reminder that sometimes, the classics are classics for a reason.

Quarter Pounder Burger

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Sizzling Express  Opening & Closing Hours

WednesdayOpen 24 hours
ThursdayOpen 24 hours
FridayOpen 24 hours
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SundayOpen 24 hours
MondayOpen 24 hours
TuesdayOpen 24 hours


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Phone: +63 2 7625 6273

How many branches does Sizzling Express have in the Philippines?

7 branches of Sizzling Express have in the Philippines

Who is the owner of Sizzling Express in the Philippines?

Mary Grace Dimacali is the owner of Sizzling Express in the Philippines.

Does Sizzling Express accept credit cards?

yes! Sizzling Express accepts credit cards

Is Sizzling Express halal?

Sizzling Express’s halal status is a matter of debate and personal interpretation. Some believe it is halal, while others do not. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

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