Hello driptea lovers, are you looking for the latest driptea Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of driptea Menu 2024 Philippines with prices.

Driptea  Menu Prices Philippines

Driptea Menu Philippines 2024 With Prices List

Oreo Cheesecake Full Assorted Takoyaki Nutella Milk Tea Okinawa Wintermelon Gamja Corndog Ramyeon Corndog Classic Corndog Full Mozzarella Corndog Gamja Corndog Original Corndog Chieju Bum Corndog Nutella Milk Tea Oreo Cheesecake Brown Sugar Latte Chocolate Mousse Cheese Milk Tea Black Wintermelon Supreme Cocoa Red Chocolate Dark Oreo Choco Cocoa Milktea Okinawa Wintermelon Pearl Milk Tea Uji Matcha



Oreo Cheesecakefrom ₱ 104
Full Assorted Takoyaki₱ 270
Nutella Milk Teafrom ₱ 104
Okinawafrom ₱ 94
Wintermelonfrom ₱ 94
Gamja Corndog₱ 105


Ramyeon Corndog₱ 105
Classic Corndog₱ 85
Full Mozzarella Corndog₱ 115
Gamja Corndog₱ 105
Original Corndog₱ 95
Chieju Bum Corndog₱ 115


Nutella Milk Teafrom ₱ 104
Oreo Cheesecakefrom ₱ 104
Brown Sugar Lattefrom ₱ 104
Chocolate Moussefrom ₱ 104
Cheese Milk Teafrom ₱ 104
Black Wintermelonfrom ₱ 104
Supreme Cocoa₱ 139
Red Chocolatefrom ₱ 104
Dark Oreo Chocofrom ₱ 99
Cocoa Milkteafrom ₱ 89


Okinawafrom ₱ 94
Wintermelonfrom ₱ 94
Pearl Milk Teafrom ₱ 79
Uji Matchafrom ₱ 94
Hokaidofrom ₱ 94


Iced Coffee₱ 115
Cheese Latte₱ 135
Spanish Latte₱ 135
Dark Mocha₱ 135
Caramel Machiato₱ 135


Taro Cheesecakefrom ₱ 104
Cookie Doughfrom ₱ 104


Mango Sunsetfrom ₱ 104
Sunrise Lycheefrom ₱ 104
Northern Yogurtfrom ₱ 104
Aurora Passionfrom ₱ 104


Matcha Lattefrom ₱ 89
Oreo Matchafrom ₱ 99

Add Ons

Tapioca₱ 20
Mousse₱ 20
Nata Jelly₱ 20


Octobits₱ 59
Cheese₱ 39
Bacon₱ 49
Crab₱ 59
Whole Baby Octo₱ 100
Chicken Melt Cheese₱ 59
Tuna Melt Cheese₱ 59
Veggies₱ 35


Full Assorted Takoyaki₱ 270
Full Cheese₱ 220
Full Octo Bits₱ 330
Full Tuna Melt Cheese₱ 330
Full Bacon₱ 270
Full Crab₱ 330
Full Chicken Melt Cheese₱ 330
Full Baby Octo₱ 800
Full Veggies₱ 190

Who owns drip tea?

I spoke to the three owners—Justin Ngyuen, Paul Kwon, and Lena Phan—who are working to bring Seattle a concept they felt is lacking: quality boba and a quality retail experience all in one.

How many branches does drip tea have in the Philippines?

23 branches are drip tea has in the Philippine.

Who is the owner of drip tea Philippines?

Mr. Thor Gomez
Driptea started last March 2019. It was founded by Mr. Thor Gomez a former barista in one of the leading milk tea companies in the Philippines, He is also one of the top milk tea trainers and innovators in Luzon since 2019.

Does drip tea accept credit cards?

Yes! drip tea accepts credit cards

Is drip tea Halal?

drip tea halal status is a matter of debate and personal interpretation. Some believe it is halal, while others do not. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

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