Are you looking for the latest Happy Lemon  Menu Philippines prices? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Happy Lemon  Menu Price 2024 Philippines prices

Happy Lemon  Menu Price Philippines

Happy Lemon  Menu Price Philippines



Wintermelon Series

Grapefruit Series

Pineapple Series

Mixed Fruit Series

Waffle Series

Waffle Series

Indulged in a delightful experience at Happy Lemon Menu Prices Philippines. Their Classic Waffle at just ₱110 takes waffle enjoyment to new heights. For chocolate enthusiasts, the Chocolate Waffle (₱120) is a must-try, while Matcha Waffle (₱120) offers a unique twist. Craving something extraordinary? Don’t miss the Oreo Waffle (₱130) or the savory delight of Pork Floss Waffle (₱165). Top it off with the irresistible Rock Salt & Cheese Dip (₱50). A treat for the taste buds that won’t break the bank!

Rock Salt & Cheese Series

Savor the perfect blend of flavors with their Jasmine Green Tea, Matcha, Cocoa, Coffee, and Milk Tea options, all adorned with the tantalizing addition of Rock Salt & Cheese. With prices starting from just ₱145, treat your taste buds to a symphony of tastes, from classic choices to unique twists like Cocoa with Oreo Rock Salt & Cheese.

Milk Tea Series

Their diverse range of flavors caters to all tastes. Indulge in the classic OG Milk Tea starting at just ₱135 or elevate your palate with the creamy goodness of Roasted Milk Tea priced from ₱145. With options like Panda Pearl Milk Tea, Power Puff Pearl, and more, each sip is a journey of flavors.

Tiger Series

Lemon Series

In my latest culinary adventure at Happy Lemon Menu Prices in the Philippines, I had the pleasure of indulging in a delightful array of lemony beverages. From the zesty Lemon Special Cooler starting at just ₱ 135 to the tantalizing Passion Fruit Lemon Cooler and Mixed Berries Lemon Cooler, both available from ₱ 145, this place is a citrus lover’s paradise. Don’t miss the refreshing Lemon Green Tea Cooler and the invigorating Grapes Lemon Cooler, both priced at ₱ 135. Happy Lemon’s menu is a citrusy symphony that offers a cool and rejuvenating escape on a warm day.

Fruitea Series

Yakult Series

Smoothie Series

The Lemon Yakult Smoothie, bursting with zesty flavor, had me hooked from the first sip, and at just ₱155, it’s an absolute steal. Passion Fruit, Mixed Berries, and Grapes Smoothies, each starting at ₱145, offered a fruity symphony that danced on my taste buds. And for the tea enthusiasts, the Milk Tea Smoothie (₱155) was a creamy, tea-infused dream. Not to be missed, the Milo Dinosaur Smoothie (₱165) was a nostalgic treat that took me back.

Specialty Series

Their menu is a treasure trove of options to quench your thirst and soothe your taste buds. From the rich and invigorating Cold Brew starting at just ₱135, to the indulgent Matcha Latte priced at ₱135, they’ve got you covered. Whether you’re in the mood for a comforting Hot Coffee (₱125) or a refreshing Jasmine Green Tea (₱105), Happy Lemon’s menu and prices guarantee a satisfying experience. Don’t miss out on their creative concoctions like the Cocoa with Pudding (₱165) or the crowd-favorite Milo Dinosaur (₱165).

1L Series

What is the story of Happy Lemon?

Delve into the captivating narrative of Happy Lemon, a globally renowned beverage franchise that emerged in 2006 under the visionary leadership of the Yummy-Town Group. This esteemed tea culture enterprise, hailing from Taiwan, not only introduced but also proliferated the rich tea heritage across Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Is Happy Lemon a Chinese company?

Absolutely, Happy Lemon stands as a prominent name in the realm of Taiwanese Tea and Beverages. The journey began in 2006 when this inventive take-away tea brand, “Happy Lemon,” came into being in Shanghai, China. Although founded in China, it’s important to note that Happy Lemon hails as a market leader in Taiwanese Tea and Beverages. With a focus on hand-crafted beverages, it has firmly established itself in the ever-evolving landscape of beverages.

Why is it called Happy Lemon?

The name “Happy Lemon” was carefully picked by our company to reflect a joyful and energetic vibe. We decided to highlight the lively and positive nature of the lemon, a citrus fruit that never fails to bring a smile to people’s faces. Despite being known for its tangy taste, the lemon perfectly represents our brand’s vibrancy. At Happy Lemon, we’re all about embracing positivity and zest for life!

Who is the CEO of Happy Lemon?

Wondering about the CEO of Happy Lemon? It’s Maurice Chin! He holds the role of Chief Executive Officer at Happy Lemon USA, as you can find on his LinkedIn profile. Stay updated with the leaders behind your favorite brands!

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