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Subway menu is the world’s largest student brand in the Philippines.  Subway Philippines is popular because of tasty subway sandwiches. Subway Philippines menu has a delicious, crispy, healthy menu with appropriate subway student prices. In this, you can choose a variety of Subway Philippines sandwiches, salad, and drinks. Subway Philippines’ menu price 2023 list is cheap, everyone buys and enjoys their food.

Subway Menu Philippines

 Here is the list of Subway Menu Philippine prices:

Sub Mart

50 Cheese Slices₱354.00
30 Pepperoni Slices₱165.00
1kg Pepperoni₱885.00
30 Slices Salami₱177.00
1kg Salami₱1003.00
7.PC Roast Chicken Breast₱336.00
1kg Roast Chicken Breast₱708.00
30.Pc Sliced Chicken₱301.00
30 x Bacon Strips₱649.00
250g Tuna₱224.00
100g Olives₱94.00
100g Jalapeni₱94.00
Mayo Bottle₱779.00
Thousand Island Bottle₱295.00
10.PC Bread₱413.00
15.PC Bread₱620.00
20.PC Bread₱826.00
400 Slices Cheese₱2655.00
30 Slices Ham₱448.00
1kg Ham₱1003.00
1.04kg Sliced Chicken₱1003.00
1kg Bacon₱1274.00
250g Steak₱295.00
500g Steak₱708.00
6.PC Sausage₱177.00
350g Sausage₱330.00
12.PC Meatballs₱155.00
400g Meatballs₱417.00
250g Pulled Pork₱189.00
500g Pulled Pork₱413.00
250g Roast Beef₱354.00
1.04kg Roast Beef₱1475.00
1.22kg Tuna₱1121.00
Shredded Lettuce₱130.00
Shredded Lettuce₱130.00
Red Onions₱59.00
Marinara Sauce₱460.00
Honey Mustard Sauce₱266.00
Sweet Onion Sauce₱248.00
Teriyaki Sauce₱277.00
Ranch Sauce₱295.00
Chipotle Sauce₱366.00
Mustard Sauce₱885.00
BBQ Sauce₱313.00
1 Dozen Cookies₱413.00
2 Dozen Cookies₱767.00
3 Dozen Cookies₱1121.00


Smoked Chicken₱154.00₱307.00
Veggie Delite₱113.85₱227.70
Sliced Chicken₱138.00₱253.00
Egg Mayo₱138.00₱253.00
Spicy Italian₱159.50₱299.00
Chicken Teriyaki₱149.50₱276.00
Roast Chicken Breast₱149.50₱276.00
Sliced Chicken & Ham₱149.50₱276.00
Pulled Pork₱159.50₱299.00
Italian B.M.T₱159.50₱299.00
Steak & Cheese₱184.00₱335.50
Roast Beef₱184.00₱335.50
Subway Melt₱184.00₱335.00
Subway Club₱184.00₱335.50
Meatball Marinara₱184.00₱335.50


Veggie Delite Regular Meal₱217.55
Sliced Chicken Regular Meal₱241.70
Ham Regular Meal₱241.70
Egg Mayo Regular Meal₱241.70
B.L.T Regular Meal₱241.70
Spicy Italian Regular Meal₱263.20
Chicken Teriyaki Regular Meal₱253.20
Roast Chicken Breast Regular Meal₱253.20
Sliced Chicken & Ham Regular Meal₱253.20
Tuna Regular Regular Meal₱263.20
Pulled Pork Regular Meal₱263.20
Italian B.M.T Regular Meal₱263.20
Steak & Cheese Regular Meal₱287.70
Roast Beef Regular Meal₱287.70
Subway Melt Regular Meal₱287.70
Subway Club Regular Meal₱287.70

Bread Choices

Honey Oat₱0.00
Parmesan Oregano₱0.00
Italian White₱0.00

Subway Savers

Snack Savers For 22 Pepperoni Delite Pandesal Sliders, 2 Cookies, 2 x 12 oz Drinks₱285
Snack Savers For 33 Pepperoni Delite Pandesal Slider, 3 x 12 oz Drinks₱340
Snack Savers For 42 Subway Melts 6″, 2 Pepperoni Delite Pandesal Sliders, 2 x 16 oz Drinks, 2 x 12 oz Drinks₱600

New LTO 6

Ultimate Chicken Cheesy Strips₱181.78
Ultimate Cheesy B.M.T₱181.78
6″ Meat Stack Ala Catre₱206.25
Meat Stack Combo₱237.50

New LTO Footlong

Ultimate Chicken Cheesy Strips₱352.58
Ultimate Cheesy B.M.T₱352.58
Meat Stack Ala Catre₱400.00


Smoked Chicken + Drink₱195.00
Veggie Delite Regular Meal₱217.55
Sliced Chicken Regular Meal₱241.70
Ham Regular Meal₱241.70
Egg Mayo Regular Meal₱241.70
B.L.T Regular Meal₱241.70
Spicy Italian Regular Meal₱263.20
Chicken Teriyaki Regular Meal₱253.20
Roast Chicken Breast Regular Meal₱253.20
Sliced Ham & Chicken Regular Meal₱253.20
Tuna Regular Meal₱263.20
Pulled Pork Regular Meal₱263.20
Italian B.M.T Regular Meal₱263.20
Steak & Cheese Regular Meal₱287.70
Roast Beef Regular Meal₱287.70
Subway Melt Regular Meal₱287.70
Subway Club Regular Meal₱287.70
Footlong Ultimate Ultimate Cheesy B.M.T₱456.28
Ultimate Chicken Cheesy Strips₱285.48
Ultimate Cheesy B.M.T₱285.48
Footlong Ultimate Chicken Cheesy Strips₱456.28
Egg & Cheese Breakfast Meal₱207.73
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Meal₱232.13
Sliced Chicken, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Meal₱232.13
Pulled Porkm Egg & Cheese Breakfast Meal₱244.33
Meatball Marinara Regular Meal₱287.70

Sides & Desserts

2 Garlic Butter Toasties₱96.38
2 Garlic Butter & Mozza Cheese Toasties₱108.58
2 Pepperoni & Veggie Cheese Toasties₱108.58
2 Egg, Mayo & Veggie Cheese Toasties₱108.58
1 Cookie₱40.25
3 Cookies₱97.75
6 Cookies₱201.25
12 Cookies₱402.50
Lay Chips₱46.00
4 Hash Browns₱28.75


Fountain Drink 16oz₱57.50
Fountain Drink 22oz₱70.00
Canned Soda₱51.75
Wilkins Bottled Water₱34.50
Vita Coco₱80.50
Bottled Juice Drink₱51.75
Powerade Mountain Blast₱57.50
Hot Tea₱51.75

Regular Salads

Veggie Delite₱213.50
Sliced Chicken₱213.50
Egg Mayo₱213.50
Spicy Italian₱237.90
Chicken Teriyaki₱225.70
Roast Chicken₱225.70
Sliced Ham & Chicken₱225.70
Italian B.M.T₱237.90
Steak & Cheese₱262.30
Roast Beef₱262.30
Subway Melt₱262.30
Subway Club₱262.30

Mini Salads

Veggie Delite₱88.40
Sliced Chicken₱103.70
Egg Mayo₱103.70

Subway To Go Meals

Veggie Delite₱241.50₱368.00
Sliced Chicken₱241.50₱368.00
Egg Mayo₱241.50₱368.00
Spicy B.L.T₱241.50₱368.00
Chicken Teriyaki₱241.50₱368.00
Pulled Pork₱241.50₱368.00
Italian B.M.T₱241.50₱368.00
Steak & Cheese₱241.50₱368.00
Roast Beef₱241.50₱368.00
Subway Melt₱241.50₱368.00
Subway Club₱241.50₱368.00
Meatball Marinara₱241.50₱368.00

Ala Catre Breakfast Sandwiches

Egg & Cheese Flatbread₱132.98₱253.76
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Flatbread₱157.38₱302.56
Ham, Egg & Cheese Flatbread₱157.38₱302.56
Sliced Chicken, Egg & Cheese Flatbread₱157.38₱302.56
Pulled Pork, Egg & Cheese₱169.58₱326.96

Subway Menu Philippine update In July 2022

We will see the July subway menu update. It will change in the menu list. They give you more choice to eat their food with a variety of delicious tastes. Subway Philippines serves fresh, customizable, and butter sandwiches. Subway shares the full changes in their menu item. They add some more ingredients to their items and also launch many new menus in Subway Philippines stores.

Subway Menu Philippine

Here is the list of  subway Philippines menu items changes:

  • Fresh mozzarella
  • Italian bread
  • Multigrain bread
  • Becon
  • Roast beef
  • Steak
  • Subway club sandwich
  • Turkey gali fresh

Subway Breakfast Menu

Subway Philippines offers a lot of different healthy, nutritious, tasty breakfast options. Choose one of them at a reasonable subway Philippines price 2023. Subway breakfast 2023 hour is at 11:AM or enjoy your morning with Bacon egg, and cheese flatbread. Subway bread tastes differ from others due to minor changes in ingredients. Different varieties of subway breakfast menu like egg and cheese bread, sausage,  subway ham, and egg bread,  subway cheese flatbread, subway melt, tuna,  and much more. Mcdo Menu

Subway Menu Philippine with prices

Subway sandwiches menu

Subway is famous for sandwiches and they deliver quality food to their customers. Subway Philippines has a variety of 28, 000  sandwiches. It makes fresh bread covered with some cheese, subway sandwiches come with a chicken slider cold cut trio and has a great combination of ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces, onion, chili, and capsicum. Their sandwiches cover your desired menu like large pieces of beef, chicken, and cheese. People love to eat subway sandwiches with their classic yummy look.

Subway Menus

Subway menus

What do you want to eat? Subways have a wide variety of subs, drinks, salad, shakes, and sides. You can choose a fresh sub they can give you exactly as you want. Subway Philippines’ menu price list is affordable. Everyone goes and orders their favorite food. Shakeys Menu

 Best Subway sandwiches

Various forms of sandwiches existed in the world. But every subway sandwich is ranked. We searched for the reason subway sandwiches ranked on top. It encourages people to eat their sandwiches by adding their favorite foods. It really does not constitute on topping, they make it healthy and their ingredient is visible. Subway avoids presenting Messi sandwiches as the reason that subway sandwiches rank on top.

Here are top subway Philippines sandwiches:

Veggie delite

If you are vegetarian do not eat spicy food. Here is a subway veggie delight sandwich filled with vegetables, sure it’s healthy or you can add more on your preference. 

Tuna melt sub menu

Classic tuna subway covers with thick slices of tuna, blended with creamy mayonnaise, crunchy veggies, drizzle oil and ketchup  you love to their every bit by topping on your choice 

Steak and cheese:

Subway fan-favorite sandwiches are subway steak & cheese. It consists of Philly-style steak, onions, green peppers, black Olive, and some slices of cheese to make it delicious.

Philly cheesesteak contain 500 to 1000 calories depending on the size of a sandwich

Topping with a tomato slice, green chilies, chipotle sauce.

subway steak & cheese price varies on size it starts from $4 to onward.

Subway Dessert

It’s necessary to eat some sweets after eating some spicy subs. According to the brand,it also offers desserts. The subway offers freshly baked desserts platters. Their desert catalog makes the table attractive. They prepare their sandwiches deliciously as well as bake some chocolate chip, cookies.

ABOUT Subway 

Subway was launched in 1965 by peter buck at the initial stage subway started in America. Primarily subway restaurant menu is only sandwiches, they sell submarine sandwiches, salad, and beverages. Why do people like the subway so much? Because of their fresh, tasty, healthy subway menu, people believe in their taste.  Today the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain is the subway. People choose their full nutritious meal options or eat with the family.

Subway contact info

If you want to contact subway Philippines and give them some suggestions or something else easily contact subway Philippines staff. Simply go to their website also to find information. 

Use the following social media accounts to contact them:

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