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Chimmy Menu Philippines

Chimmy Menu Philippines With Price List



From the creamy Banana Yogurt to the exotic Mango and Green Apple Yogurt, each spoonful is a journey of taste. Don’t miss out on the unique Sticky Purple Rice or the refreshing Boba Yogurt. With options like Avocado Graham, Ube, and Chocolate, priced around ₱185, your cravings are in for a treat.

Premium Milk Tea

Indulge in the finest selection of premium milk teas, including Original, Melona, Taro, Dark Choco, Brown Sugar, and Matcha. Satisfy your cravings starting from just ₱113. Each sip is a journey to taste perfection.

Cheesecake Series

From the rich and velvety Dark Choco Cheesecake at just ₱150 to the unique and tantalizing Taro Cheesecake priced at ₱157, each slice is a journey of taste. Satisfy your dessert cravings with these exquisite treats, including the vibrant Matcha Cheesecake, all starting from ₱138.

Cream Puff Oreo Series


The menu boasts an array of irresistible frappes like Dark Choco, Taro, Melona, Okinawa, and Winter Melon, all starting from just ₱150. The Matcha option, priced at ₱157, was a green goodness that I couldn’t resist.

Fruit Tea

Hot Tea

Zero Sugar Series

From the rich and creamy Taro Milk Tea to the decadent Dark Choco Milk Tea, each sip takes you on a tantalizing journey. The Melona Milk Tea, priced from ₱ 163, offers a unique twist, while the timeless Original Milk Tea, starting at just ₱ 150, is a comforting classic.

Who is the CEO of Chimmy?

Introducing Chimmy PH’s CEO, Jean Carlo Torres – the driving force behind the scenes, steering the ship towards growth and success. At Wemu, we’re all about providing the support you need to nurture your business. So, let’s delve into the world of Chimmy and get acquainted with the visionary leader at its helm, Jean Carlo Torres.

What is Chimmy yogurt?

Sure thing! 🍦 Chimmy yogurt, originating in the Philippines, brings you a delightful range of yogurt beverages expertly crafted to suit the Filipino palate. These yogurt treats are meticulously prepared using the finest ingredients sourced all the way from Australia, ensuring a top-notch taste experience that’s truly global in quality. If you’re looking for a yogurt experience that resonates with local flavors while maintaining international excellence, Chimmy yogurt has got you covered! 🇵🇭🥤

Is Chimmy a puppy?

Sure thing, let’s dive into the adorable world of CHIMMY! To answer your question, yes, CHIMMY indeed falls into the category of the ever-charming puppies. If we take a glance at its appearance, we’re greeted by a sight that’s bound to melt hearts: a charming little white pup, complete with those striking black ears that add an extra touch of cuteness. It’s truly a sight to behold and a testament to the wonderful diversity of our furry friends.

Why is it called yogurt?

“Why is it called yogurt? Well, the name ‘yogurt’ finds its roots in Turkey. The term traces back to the old Turkish word ‘yog,’ which translates to ‘condense’ or ‘intensify.’ This fascinating origin dates back to 1625, as noted by travel writer Samuel Purchas. He observed that the Turks had a unique practice of consuming sour milk, which they referred to as ‘yoghurd.’ This historical linguistic connection adds a delightful layer of understanding to the creamy delight we enjoy today.”

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