n the lively food scene of the Philippines, Emriz Bulalohan and Tapsihan stands out as a special place where Filipino flavors are the main focus. Their menu is carefully created to highlight the diverse tastes of the islands, giving diners a sensory experience that delights the taste buds. Some popular dishes include Bulalo Original, Pinakbet With Lechon, Sinigang Na Hipon, Sinigang Bangus Belly, and Bulalo Fiesta. Each dish has a story, with family recipes passed down through generations, and the friendly atmosphere ensures that every meal is a celebration of history.

Emriz Bulalohan and Tapsihan Menu Prices Philippines

Emriz Bulalohan and Tapsihan Menu Prices Philippines


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Popular at Emriz Bulalohan and Tapsihan Philippines

Bulalo Original

Emriz Bulalohan and Tapsihan’s Bulalo Original is a true Filipino classic that captivates the heart and soul. Imagine a steaming bowl filled with succulent beef shanks, marrow-rich bones, and perfectly cooked vegetables, all immersed in a flavorsome broth. This dish is a hearty delight, offering a taste of home that warms you from the inside out—a culinary masterpiece that showcases the restaurant’s commitment to authentic Filipino comfort food.

Bulalo Original

Pinakbet With Lechon

For a culinary adventure that combines tradition with innovation, the Pinakbet With Lechon at Emriz Bulalohan and Tapsihan is a must-try. This dish seamlessly blends the savory goodness of Pinakbet, a regional vegetable stew, with the crispy perfection of lechon. The result is a flavorful fusion that takes your taste buds on a journey through the rich culinary landscape of the Philippines, offering a harmonious balance of textures and tastes that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Pinakbet With Lechon

Sinigang Na Hipon

Embrace the tangy elegance of Sinigang Na Hipon, a dish that showcases the delicate flavors of shrimp in a tamarind-based broth. The shrimp are perfectly cooked, and the vegetables add a delightful crunch to every spoonful. This sinigang is a testament to Emriz Bulalohan and Tapsihan’s dedication to delivering dishes that not only satisfy your hunger but also leave a lingering taste of traditional Filipino comfort.

Sinigang Na Hipon

Sinigang Bangus Belly

Dive into a seafood symphony with Sinigang Bangus Belly, where the richness of bangus (milkfish) belly meets the sour notes of tamarind broth. The tender fish belly complements the vibrant mix of vegetables, creating a delightful harmony in every bite. This dish is a refreshing take on a Filipino classic, offering a burst of flavors that showcases Emriz Bulalohan and Tapsihan’s commitment to culinary excellence.

Sinigang Bangus Belly

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How many branches does Emriz Bulalohan and Tapsihan have in the Philippines?

Emriz Bulalohan and Tapsihan boasts an impressive presence in the Philippines with a total of 8 branches scattered across the country. It’s quite remarkable to see their widespread reach, making it convenient for many to enjoy their offerings.

Who is the owner of Emriz Bulalohan and Tapsihan in the Philippines?

Mary Grace Dimacali is the owner of Emriz Bulalohan and Tapsihan in the Philippines.

Does Emriz Bulalohan and Tapsihan accept credit cards?

Yes! Emriz Bulalohan and Tapsihan accept credit cards.

Is Emriz Bulalohan and Tapsihan halal?

Emriz Bulalohan and Tapsihan halal status is a matter of debate and personal interpretation. Some believe it is halal, while others do not. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

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