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Walastik Pares Menu Prices Philippines 2022

walastik pares Menu Philippines 2023 With Prices List

Pares Siomai Liempo Silog Isaw Tumbong Lemon Yakult Pares Isaw Tumbong Buttered Chicken Sizzling Hotdog Shanghai Rolls Hotsilog Tosilog Chicksilog Liempo Silog Corn Silog Lumpia Silog Skin Silog Ham Silog Burger Silog Silog Fried Rice Siomai Coke Sprite Royal Mountain Dew Bottled Water Fresh Lemon Lemon Yakult Mango Lemon



Paresfrom ₱ 91.50₱ 122
Siomaifrom ₱ 63₱ 84
Liempo Silog₱ 117.75₱ 157
Isawfrom ₱ 87.75₱ 117
Tumbongfrom ₱ 87.75₱ 117
Lemon Yakult₱ 91.50₱ 122


Paresfrom ₱ 91.50₱ 122
Isawfrom ₱ 87.75₱ 117
Tumbongfrom ₱ 87.75₱ 117

Pinoy Style

Buttered Chickenfrom ₱ 240₱ 320
Sizzling Hotdog₱ 142.50₱ 190
Shanghai Rollsfrom ₱ 118.50₱ 158


Hotsilogfrom ₱ 111₱ 148
Tosilogfrom ₱ 111₱ 148
Chicksilogfrom ₱ 114.75₱ 153
Liempo Silog₱ 117.75₱ 157
Corn Silogfrom ₱ 108.75₱ 145
Lumpia Silog₱ 108.75₱ 145
Skin Silogfrom ₱ 108.75₱ 145
Ham Silogfrom ₱ 108.75₱ 145
Burger Silogfrom ₱ 105₱ 140
Silog₱ 35.25₱ 47


Fried Rice₱ 33.75₱ 45
Siomaifrom ₱ 63₱ 84

Soft Beverages

Cokefrom ₱ 32.25₱ 43
Sprite₱ 32.25₱ 43
Royalfrom ₱ 32.25₱ 43
Mountain Dew₱ 32.25₱ 43
Bottled Waterfrom ₱ 18.75₱ 25


Fresh Lemon₱ 91.50₱ 122
Lemon Yakult₱ 91.50₱ 122
Mango Lemon₱ 91.50₱ 122

What is pares food in the Philippines?

Pares (pronounced: PAH-ress), also known as beef pares, is a term for a serving of Filipino braised beef stew with garlic fried rice, and a bowl of clear soup.

How do you cook rice for beef pares?

Make the beef pares by heating oil in a cooking pot. …
Add onion, garlic, and ginger. …
Add beef. …
Pour in water. …
Add star anise and Knorr Beef Cube. …
Season with soy sauce, onion powder, ground black pepper, brown sugar, and salt. …
Make the garlic fried rice by heating oil in a pan.

Who invented pares in the Philippines?

Beef Pares has long been a popular “street food,” ever since it was invented in the 1970s by the Tiu family. Their restaurant, Jonas along Mayon Street in Quezon City, used to be the go-to place if you wanted Beef Pares

What is the taste of Pares?

The star is a stew consisting of beef chunks that are slowly braised in a flavorful stock infused with garlic, soy sauce, star anise, sugar, and a variety of other spices and condiments. The thick, rich, and slightly sweet sauce and tender meat make pares one of the most popular beef dishes in the country.

What is the English of pares?

plural of pare. (in the plural) parents.

Why do they call pares pares?

The name means “pairs” and comes from the usual practice of serving it with garlic fried rice and a light beef broth soup. “Pares” is pronounced, “pah-res.” Cuts of beef often recommended for pares include brisket, chuck and shanks.

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