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KFC Philippines is a well-known food house all over the world. KFC’s most popular menu is fried chicken. The other KFC menu is also good, and delicious like KFC zinger, kgc fries steak, kfc chicken chops, chizza KFC. You can choose from a variety of  KFC Menu Philippines items.

Here is the current KFC Philippines menu price list  2023 for you guys.

KFC  Philippines
KFC Philippines

Bucket Meals

3-Pc Bucket Meal With Chicken Chops₱541.00
4-Pc Bucket Meal With Chicken Chops₱586.00
3-Pc Variety Bucket Meal With 1.5L Coke₱611.00
4-Pc Variety Bucket Meal With 1.5L Coke₱795.00
6-Pc Bucket Meal₱565.00
8-Pc Bucket Meal₱725.00
6-Pc Bucket Meal With Rice Drinks And Spaghetti₱660.00
8-Pc Bucket Meal With Rice Drinks And Spaghetti₱879.00
6-Pc Bucket Meal With Rice Fixins Drinks And Brownies₱640.00
8-Pc Bucket Meal With Rice Fixins Drinks And Brownies₱825.00
6-Pc Bucket Meal With Rice And Drinks₱495.00
8-Pc Bucket Meal With Rice And Drinks₱659.00
3-Pc Chicken And Zinger Steak Box₱565.00
4-Pc Chicken And Zinger Steak Box₱725.00

All Chicken Bucket

Crispy Strips Bucket₱308.00
3-Pc All-Chicken Variety Bucket₱474.00
4-Pc All-Chicken Variety Bucket₱678.00
Bucket of 6₱439.00
Bucket of 8₱579.00
Bucket of 10₱720.00
Bucket of 15₱1,008.00
Bucket of 20₱1,329.00

Fully Loaded Meals

Cheesy Chili Con Famous Bowl Fully Loaded Meal₱199.00
Chicken Chops Fully Loaded Meal₱174.00
Korean Bbq Flavorshot Fully Loaded Meal₱164.00
1-Pc Fully Loaded Meal₱147.00
2-Pc Fully Loaded Meal₱215.00
Shots Fully Loaded Meal₱205.00
Famous Bowl Fully Loaded Meal₱184.00

Breakfast Meals

Hash Brown₱37.00
A.M. Or Pandesal₱83.00
A.M. Or Pandesal Combo₱112.00
A.M. Egg Pandesal₱42.00
A.M. Egg Pandesal Combo₱68.00
A.M. Ham Pandesal₱70.00
A.M. Ham Pandesal Combo₱99.00
Arroz Caldo Regular₱53.00
Arroz Caldo Special₱94.00
Arroz Caldo Meal₱120.00
A.M. 1-Pc Chicken Ala Carte₱109.00
A.M. 1-Pc Chicken Rice Meal₱131.00
A.M. Flavorshots Ala Carte₱85.00
A.M. Flavorshots Rice Meal₱105.00
A.M. Steak Rice Bowl₱105.00
A.M. Steak Rice Bowl Combo₱130.00
A.M. Cheese Hotdog Rice Bowl₱105.00
A.M. Cheese Hotdog Rice Bowl Combo₱130.00

Fixins And Extras

Crispy Fries₱45.00
Large Crispy Fries₱62.00
Large Coleslaw₱72.00
Mashed Potato₱45.00
Large Mashed Potato₱62.00
Buttered Corn₱45.00
Large Buttered Corn₱62.00
Large Gravy₱18.00
Extra Rice₱25.00

Signature Meals

Chicken Chops Ala Carte₱64.00
Chicken Chops Meal₱85.00
Chicken Chops Combo₱105.00
1-Pc Chicken Meal With Mashed Potato₱130.00
1-Pc Chicken Meal₱105.00
2-Pc Chicken Meal With Fixin₱205.00
2-Pc Chicken Meal₱187.00
1-Pc Chicken Ala Carte₱89.00
2-Pc Chicken Ala Carte₱168.00


Shots Combo₱115.00
Large Shots Combo₱170.00
Regular Shots₱70.00
Large Shots₱120.00

Burgers and Twisters

Zinger Combo₱160.00
Twister Combo₱157.00
California Maki Twister₱112.00

KFC Chicken Bucket 

KFC bucket Meal is an interesting offer that is available for more than two people, for families.

KFC Menu Philippines

 You get 10 pieces of KFC bucket chicken, it’s up to you to choose the hot, crispy flavor or enjoy, this delicious KFC bucket meal price is 720 P. Also eat Yellow Cab Pizza Menu

 Another KFC fully loaded meal is a 3pc bucket meal with chicken chops. It includes 6 chicken chops, 3 pieces of signature KFC chicken, 3 Drinks, 3 rices, and 3 fixings. It’s a complete family dinner.

One of the most demanding KFC famous balls is, 6 pc bucket meal,  it comes up with 3 fixings, 3 rices, 3 brownies, 6 signature KFC chicken, and 3 drinks so enjoy more than two people’s party easily.

 TOP KFC Menu combo

What are the most popular menu items from KFC Philippines? Top picking items on KFC Philippines stores has been much more Kfc chicken sandwiches is no 1 rank food item all over the world it’s a combo of mashed potato, healthy bread, and tasty chicken breast.

The original recipe chicken with your favorite cold drink is the best KFC menu.

 You can choose something simple such as mashed potato gravy, chicken pot pie, KFC coleslaw, and a famous bowl of fully loaded meals.

If you don’t want to eat more and it’s your lunch break so KFC zinger, KFC fries, fries steak, crispy colonel sandwiches, and KFC world-famous fried chicken.

You can also get 1 piece of chicken paired with rice, mushroom soup, and your choice of drinks.

KFC Menu Philippines update 2023

KFC is the world-famous food chain serving a variety of foods from nation to nation across the world.

KFC Menu Philippines

Their recipes are a combination of more than 10 herbs and spices over 100 year KFC is a brand that assures customer satisfaction and treats their customers with hospitality and always ready to serve the KFC Customers.

 The KFC menu will be updated from time to time as they add more ingredients to make the best of their healthy and spicy KFC  food menus.

Below are list

  • KIDS Meal
  • Tenders and popcorns Nuggets
  • Quarantine chicken meal
  • Garlic butter twister
  • Flavor shots KFC
  • KFC Promo
  • KFC supper platter
KFC Menu Philippines chicken

KFC also updated their drinks and also added some new drinks, juices to the menu.

About KFC Philippines

 At the initial stage, KFC’s iconic fast-food brand started in America KFC is the second largest food chain after Mcdonald’s in the world. KFC was launched in 1952 by Colonel Sanders, Pete Harman. Why do people like KFC so much? Because of their fresh, tasty, healthy  KFC  menu, people believe in their taste.  Today KFC is located globally in more than 150 countries 

KFC delivery 

KFC online delivers their food on your doorsteps. KFC online delivery services are available on every KFC Philippines store. 

Simply download their app and find KFC near me or place your order. You can also track your KFC super bucket at home.

When did KFC start in the Philippines?

in 1966 first KFC brought to the Philippines

KFC store opening hours

  • Monday 9:00 AM-8:30 PM
  • Tuesday 9:00 AM-8:30 PM
  • Wednesday 9:00 AM-8:30 PM
  • Thursday 9:00 AM-8:30 PM
  • Friday 9:00 AM-8:30 PM
  • Saturday 9:00 AM-8:30 PM
  • Sunday 9:00 AM-8:30 PM

KFC contact info

Use the following social media accounts to contact them:

If you want to contact KFC Philippines and give them some suggestions or something else, please contact the KFC Philippines staff. Simply go to their website also to find information. 

  • instagram
  • twiter
  • facebook

Also, check KFC PHILIPPINES official WEBSITE

KFC location and outlet

  • Barangay
  • Ermita
  • Address
  • 801, United Nation Avenue
  • Ermita
    Manila – 1000
  • Timings
  • Open until 09:00 PM
  • Call Us
  • +6388878888


  • Barangay
  • Ermita
  • Address
  • 108 to 110, Ground Flr, UN Square Mall, UN Avenue cor. San Marcelino St.
  • Ermita
    Manila – 1000
  • Timings
  • Open until 09:00 PM
  • Call Us
  • +6388878888


  • Barangay
  • Malate
  • Address
  • 2507 Taft Avenue, University Mall
  • Malate
    Manila – 1004
  • Timings
  • Open 24 Hours
  • Call Us
  • +6388878888
  • Barangay
  • Quiapo
  • Address
  • 2058 C.M. Recto Avenue Corner, San Sebastian St.
  • Quiapo
    Manila – 1001
  • Timings
  • Open until 08:00 PM
  • Call Us
  • +6388878888
  • Barangay
  • Sta Cruz
  • Address
  • Ground Floor, 20 SF10, Good Earth Plaza Mall, Rizal Ave.cor.Bustos St.,Brgy 303 Zn 029
  • Sta Cruz
    Manila – 1006
  • Timings
  • Open until 08:00 PM
  • Call Us
  • +639178352857
  • Barangay
  • Intramuros
  • Address
  • Unit A & B, Shipping Center Condo Bldg, Soriano Ave, Brgy. 656 Zone069
  • Intramuros
    Manila – 1006
  • Timings
  • Open until 10:00 PM
  • Call Us
  • +639176566929
  • Barangay
  • Binondo
  • Address
  • 5th Flr, Foodcourt 168 Mall Soler St.

  • Address
  • Unit 150,SM City Manila,Arroceros St. cor.,Brgy 659 Zone 071, N. Almeda St. & San Marcelino St.
  • Ermita
    Manila – 1006
  • Barangay
  • Ermita
  • Address
  • 1340 Taft Ave. Ermita Mla. ( KIOSK ) 8 PGH Cmpd., Bgy 669 Zone 72

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