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Hello sansrival price lovers, are you looking for the latest sansrival price Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of sansrival price Menu 2023 Philippines with prices.

Sansrival Price Menu Prices Philippines 2022

sansrival price Menu Philippines 2023 With Prices List

Mocha Crunch Chocolate Cake Silvanas Butter Pack Custard Cake Cookie Monster Assorted Flavors Silvanas Sans Rival Loaf Sans Rival Mini Silvanas Butter Pack Silvanas Choco Pack Ube Silvanas Strawberry Silvanas Pandan Silvanas Assorted Flavors Silvanas Sans Rival Spaghetti Spaghetti A La Puttanesca Cheesy Lasagna Lemon Chicken Piccata Fresh Tomato Pasta Pasta Pepporanata Pesto Lasagna Classic Hamburger Cheese Burger SR Signature Burger with Crunchy Coleslaw Spicy Chili Con Carne Burger Bacon Mushroom Melt Chicken Supreme Sandwich Sansrival Club Egg Salad Sandwich Tuna Melt Grilled Vegetable Sandwich Sans Rival BLT Sandwich



Mocha Crunch₱ 480
Chocolate Cakefrom ₱ 336
Silvanas Butter Pack₱ 234
Custard Cake₱ 470
Cookie Monster₱ 708
Assorted Flavors Silvanas₱ 252


Sans Rival Loaf₱ 684
Sans Rival Mini₱ 354
Silvanas Butter Pack₱ 234
Silvanas Choco Pack₱ 300
Ube Silvanas₱ 240
Strawberry Silvanas₱ 240
Pandan Silvanas₱ 240
Assorted Flavors Silvanas₱ 252


Sans Rival Spaghetti₱ 165
Spaghetti A La Puttanesca₱ 260
Cheesy Lasagna₱ 135
Lemon Chicken Piccata₱ 245
Fresh Tomato Pasta₱ 240
Pasta Pepporanata₱ 260
Pesto Lasagna₱ 195


Classic Hamburger₱ 174
Cheese Burger₱ 210
SR Signature Burger with Crunchy Coleslaw₱ 355
Spicy Chili Con Carne Burger₱ 330
Bacon Mushroom Melt₱ 450


Chicken Supreme Sandwich₱ 165
Sansrival Club₱ 335
Egg Salad Sandwich₱ 160
Tuna Melt₱ 150
Grilled Vegetable Sandwich₱ 175
Sans Rival BLT Sandwich₱ 320
Grilled Ham and Cheese₱ 120

Croissant Sandwiches

Ham & Cheese Croissant₱ 370
Chorizo & Egg Croissant₱ 250
Spanish Sardine Croissant₱ 295
Chicken Salad Croissant₱ 275

Merienda Fare

Callos₱ 255
Arroz Caldo₱ 110
Grilled Ensaimada With Hot Native Chocolate₱ 185
Churros Con Chocolate₱ 265

9" RD Cakes

Cookie Monster₱ 708
Concorde Cake₱ 780
Pandan Macapuno Mousse Cakefrom ₱ 1020
Black Forestfrom ₱ 864

7"RD Cakes

Triple Chocolate Moussefrom ₱ 1300
Chocolate Cakefrom ₱ 336
Date and Walnut Dacquoisefrom ₱ 1068
Mango Cloud₱ 745
Oreo Mousse Cake₱ 612
Premium Tiramisufrom ₱ 745
Ube Supremefrom ₱ 714
Premium Red Velvet₱ 805
Choco Banana Cream Cake₱ 660
Butterscotch Marble Cake₱ 636
Mango Mousse Torte₱ 660
Tres Leches₱ 790
Premium Carrot Cake₱ 1020
Queen Elizabethfrom ₱ 690
Campfire Chocolate Cake₱ 695
Triple Chocolate Moussefrom ₱ 1300
Blueberry Coffee Cake₱ 1020

Rectangular Cakes

Custard Cake₱ 470
Mocha Crunch₱ 480
Yema Cakefrom ₱ 540

Celebration Cakes

9'' Chocolate Marble Chiffon Cake (Chocolate Icing)₱ 715
9'' Chocolate Marble Chiffon Cake (Buttercream Icing)₱ 590


Blueberry Cheesecake₱ 1320
Ultimate Choco Cheesecake₱ 1040
Lemon Lime Cheesecake₱ 1190
Matcha Oreo Cheesecake₱ 980


Swiss Chocolate Roll₱ 468


Banana Loaf₱ 250
Rocher Loaf₱ 460
Butter Loaf₱ 240
Taisan₱ 156
Carrot Walnut Loaf₱ 385

Native Delicacies

Bico₱ 300
Cuchinta 10 Pcs₱ 75
Cassava₱ 335
Leche Flan₱ 390

Sweet Bites

Chocolate Revel Bars₱ 35
Turtle Brownies₱ 65


Strawberry Cream Muffin₱ 95
Choco Hazelnut Muffin₱ 110
Blueberry Crumble Muffin₱ 90
Apple Cream Muffin₱ 95
Kiwi Muffin₱ 90
Very Vanilla Cinnamuffin₱ 85


Red Velvet Cupcakes₱ 90
Cookies and Cream Cupcake₱ 65
Black Bottom Swirl₱ 55

Pasalubong Gift Packs

Lengua De Gato₱ 200
Jam Squares₱ 200
Chocolate Crinkles₱ 190
Polvoron₱ 215
Lady Finger₱ 150
Nutty Brownies₱ 205
Oatmeal Crisps₱ 240
Fruity Mango Bars₱ 310
Butter Cookies₱ 335

Party Platter

Sans Rival Spaghetti (Party Platters)₱ 1195
Cheesy Lasagña (Party Platters)₱ 1260
Pesto Lasagña (Party Platters)₱ 1740
Spaghetti Ala Puttanesca (Party Platters)₱ 1740
Spanish Chorizo Without Casing (Frozen)₱ 175
Frozen Sopa De Lentejas (768g)₱ 470

Sans Rival Bistro Selection Meals To Go

Calamares With Marinara Dip (Frozen)₱ 430
Frozen Tomtato Basil Cheddar Soup (842g)₱ 410
Mozarella Pesto Bites With Napoli Dip (Frozen)₱ 215
Frozen Sans Rival Puttanesca Sauce ( 730g)₱ 720


Tropical Cooler₱ 60
Homemade Signature Calamansi₱ 54
Cucumber Cooler₱ 60
Nestea Iced Tea₱ 48
Coke₱ 72
Coke Zero₱ 72
Sprite₱ 72
Purified Bottled Water₱ 50

Hot Beverages

Brewed Coffee₱ 60
Cafe Latte₱ 90
Cafe Mocha₱ 96
Cappuccino₱ 72
Homemade Hot Chocolate₱ 96

Cold Coffee

Iced Café Mocha₱ 144
Hazelnut Brittle Latte₱ 174
Caramel Crème Brulee₱ 174

Coffee Beans

Houseblend 250g₱ 336


Numerical Candle 0₱ 18
Numerical Candle 2₱ 18
Numerical Candle 3₱ 18
Numerical Candle 7₱ 18
Candle Stick₱ 9
Numerical Candle 1₱ 18
Numerical Candle 4₱ 18
Numerical Candle 5₱ 18
Numerical Candle 6₱ 18
Numerical Candle 8₱ 18
Numerical Candle 9₱ 18

How much is Sans Rival?

Granda’s Sweets and Delicacies gives you a great bang for your buck with their Sansrival (P215/small, P420/big), which also made it in our 2019 Top 10 Sans Rival list.

How much is Sans Rival in Goldilocks?

Good day, Grace! Our Classic Sans Rival Cake (8″ RND) is available for only P792. 00. Note that prices may vary for delivery.

How much is silvanas?

They’re known for their Butter Silvanas (P310), but just recently, they launched new flavored silvanas: Chocolate (P330), Strawberry (P325), Pandan (P325), and Ube (P325). You can get the Assorted Silvanas (P335) which has two flavors each.

Is Sans Rival a Filipino?

Sans rival is a Filipino dessert cake made of layers of buttercream, meringue, and chopped cashews. Its name means “unrivaled” in French. The cake may be decorated, left plain, or garnished with pistachios. The cake’s origins are disputed.

How much is Silvanas in Sans Rival?

It also now serves rice meals and other confectioneries, although the original Sans Rival still stands. We popped in to grab a box of 10 Silvannas that cost 165 Pesos and it was the best decision of the trip. The cafe is cute and covered in blue, and the desserts are to die for!

How long is the shelf life of Sans Rival?

Roasted cashews — toast your cashews up to a week before and keep in an airtight container so they don’t go stale. I recommend making the meringue the same day you’re assembling your cake. How long does sans rival last? Once frosted, sans rival will keep up to 3 days in the fridge.

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