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Cafe France takes pride in serving Filipinos with sweet delights and mouthwatering recipes. This restaurant will give you a French baker feel. If we take a look at the menu of Cafe France it has the potential to catch your attention and fulfill your requirements and eating desires. In its breakfast menu, Cafe France gives you amazing choices including Ham and Egg, Crispy Bacon and Egg, Frankfurter Egg, and Breakfast Deluxe. They have different versions of Omelettes on their menu such as Ham and Cheese, Healthy Spinach & mushrooms, Country Garden, and Smoked Norwegian Salmon. 

Cafe France menu Philippines with prices 

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Cafe France

Cafe France is not just famous for its broad menu and delectable meals on the table. In fact, the real reason behind its attractiveness is their friendly budget prices of the food which they offer to their Respectable customers. Here is the complete list of all the food products of Cafe France menu Philippines with reachable prices: 


Cajun Shrimp & Fish₱ 285
Chunky Chicken Delight Sandwich₱ 230
Classic Cream Puff (6 Pcs./Pk)₱ 125
Creamy Truffle Carbonara₱ 285
Egg Salad Sandwich₱ 190
Italian Meatball Pasta₱ 250

CF Takeaway Meal Box

Beefy Mushroom Meal BoxIncludes beefy mushroom, rice, chicken ham macaroni salad, fruit plate & buttered vegetables₱ 325
Chicken Mediterranean Meal BoxIncludes chicken mediterranean, rice, potato bacon salad, fruit plate & buttered vegetables₱ 325
Creamy Truffle Carbonara Meal BoxCreamy truffle carbonara half serving, seafood deluxe clubhouse half, grilled chicken caesar salad solo, cream puff 2 pcs., and fruit plate₱ 325
Italian Meatball Meal BoxItalian meatball, California chicken clubhouse half, oriental shrimp salad solo, cream puff, 2 pcs & fruit plate₱ 325
Seafood Marinara Meal BoxSeafood marinara, cf premiere clubhouse half, chicken ham macaroni salad , cream puff 2pcs & fruit plate₱ 325

Iced Coffee Selection (NEW)

Best Italian Restaurant In Manila

Iced AmericanoIced Black Coffee (Espresso-based)from ₱ 110
Iced Caramel MacchiatoIced espresso based drink flavored with caramel syrup, and whole milk, topped with foam.from ₱ 160
Iced Creme Brulee Lattefrom ₱ 160
Iced Hazelnut Macchiatofrom ₱ 160
Iced LatteIced drink made with rich espresso balanced with steamed milk and a light layer of foam.from ₱ 130
Iced MochaIced chocolatey drink made with espresso blended with fresh milk.from ₱ 160
Iced Salted Toffee Lattefrom ₱ 160

Healthy Bowls

Brown Butter Salmon Fillet With Adlai & Quinoa₱ 325
Cajun Shrimp & Fish₱ 285
Grilled Chicken Adlai Quinoa Salad₱ 220
Salmon Fillet with Adlai Quinoa Salad₱ 325


Beef Tapa And Egg Rice Meal₱ 305
Breakfast Deluxe Tray₱ 405
Country Garden Omelette₱ 350
Crispy Bacon and Egg Tray₱ 380
Frankfurter & Egg Tray₱ 380
Ham and Cheese Omelette₱ 320
Ham and Egg Tray₱ 370

Hot Meals

Beefy Mushroom Rice Meal₱ 300
Chicken Mediterranean Rice Meal₱ 200
Grilled Salmon Rice Meal₱ 545
Hickory Porkchop with Ricefrom ₱ 285
Roasted Chicken₱ 245
Shrimp Scampi Rice Meal₱ 245


Aglio Olio Shrimp Pasta₱ 295
Chicken Mediterranean Pasta₱ 215
Creamy Truffle Carbonara₱ 285
Italian Meatball Pasta₱ 250
Kielbasa Sausage Pasta₱ 220
Seafood Marinara₱ 325
Shrimp Pesto₱ 305
Shrimp Scampi Pasta₱ 265

Sides – Soup And Salad

Chicken Ham Macaroni Salad – Solo₱ 130
Fruits And Nuts Saladfrom ₱ 90
Grilled Chicken Caesar Saladfrom ₱ 90
Pumpkin Soupfrom ₱ 120


California Chicken Clubhouse Sandwichfrom ₱ 175
CF Premiere Clubhouse Sandwichfrom ₱ 165
Chunky Chicken Delight Sandwich₱ 230
Egg Salad Sandwich₱ 190
Grilled Ham and Cheese₱ 175
Roast Beef Clubhouse Sandwichfrom ₱ 205
Tuna Onion Sandwich₱ 210


Baguette₱ 120
Butter Croissant₱ 70
Butter Croissant Pack₱ 340
Ciabatta 5 pcs/pk₱ 305


Brownie Crisps₱ 165
Chocolate Fantasy Cake₱ 495
Classic Cream Puff (6 Pcs./Pk)₱ 125
Espresso Boosterfrom ₱ 110
Espresso Chocolate Cheesecakefrom ₱ 185

Hot Beverages

Café Americanofrom ₱ 110
Cafe LatteHot drink made with rich espresso balanced with steamed milk and a light layer of foam.from ₱ 140
Café MochaA mixture of espresso, milk and chocolatefrom ₱ 155
CappuccinoAn espresso-based drink with an extra shot of cream.from ₱ 140
Caramel MacchiatoEspresso based drink flavored with caramel syrup, and whole milk, topped with foam. Could be served hot or iced.from ₱ 140
Decaffeinated Coffeefrom ₱ 125
Espressofrom ₱ 100
Freshly Brewed Coffeefrom ₱ 110
Hazelnut MacchiatoHazelnut Macchiato flavored milkteafrom ₱ 140
Hot ChocolateSweet drink made from cocoa powder, sugar, and milk.from ₱ 110
Hot Milk₱ 110

Cold Beverage

Choco Mudslide Frappefrom ₱ 185
Iced Black Currant Teafrom ₱ 95
Mocha Frappefrom ₱ 185
Red Grape Frappefrom ₱ 160
Tropical Fruit Juicefrom ₱ 95

Other worth tasting meals on the Cafe France menu Philippines are Chops Tray, Beef Tray, and Fish Tray. And If you are looking for something Healthy to eat, Cafe France has got you with its exciting and delicious Salad with options like Grilled Chicken Salad, Fruits and Nuts, Potato and Bacon, Chicken and Ham Macaroni, and more. Pumpkin, Creamy Mushroom, and Seafood Soup Linguine are some of the soups on the Cafe France menu that you might wanna try. 

Besides these mentions, the Cafe France menu has classic Grilled Ham and Cheese Melt, Tuno Onion, Chunky Chicken delight, and Crab Stick. The pasta recipes on the Cafe France menu will take you to heaven. Their pasta comes in Salmon Pasta, Cheesy Beef Lasagna, Creamy Truffle Carbonara, Seafood Marinara, and Shrimp Pesto. They also serve recipes like Roast Chicken, Beef Tapa and Egg, Beefy Mushroom, Parmesan Baked Fish, Hickory Chops, and Southern Fried Chicken. Apart from the food menu, Cafe France has various summer treats. They have refreshing frappes that would give you comfort in this heaty weather. Some of its flavors are Cucumber, Matcha Green Tea, Red Grapes, Nutty Hazelnut, Ube Frappe, Mango Loco, Cookies and Cream, Strawberry Banana, and more! On the Cafe France menu, you also have options to choose between cold and hot beverages. 

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Cafe France Philippines

Cafe France has become a brand. It is serving people continuously and scaling new heights of success rapidly. The brand has remained loyal to its customers and has made a close connection to them. The menu of Cafe France keeps changing and always shows up with new and unique recipes. Here are some of the worth trying recipes on Cafe France menu Philippines:

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Caramel Bun

Crispy Shrimp 

Sustainably sourced, succulent jumbo shrimp coated in an extra crunchy, seasoned breading. This all-purpose breaded shrimp is perfect as an appetizer/snack or paired with your favorite vegetables and rice for a complete meal 

Crispy Shrimps Binondo Style Wide
Crispy Shrimp 

Roasted Beef 

This is your basic everyday eye round roast cooked to rare or medium-rare. Served to family or company. It is Sliced thinly and served with gravy, mashed potatoes, salad, and veggie of choice. 

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Roasted Beef 

Aglio Olio Shrimp Pasta 

Shrimp Aglio e Olio is the simplest, most delicious pasta recipe you can have. It is the perfect dinner recipe for weeknight meals. 

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Aglio Olio Shrimp Pasta

Corned Beef Hash 

The most amazing no-fuss hash with roasted potatoes for that extra crispness. So good you’ll want this all year long! You can enjoy it with some coffee or even better –Irish coffee – and get your morning off to a great start!

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Corned Beef Hash 

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