Looking for a bit of Parisian charm amid the busy streets of the Philippines? It’s a popular spot for anyone who wants a tasty blend of French and Filipino flavors. They offer a range of mouth-watering dishes, including famous pastries and hearty pasta meals. You won’t have to spend a fortune either, their prices won’t break the bank.

Cafe France has got you covered. Cafe France is the perfect place for breakfast lovers or pasta enthusiasts alike, with something delicious to suit everyone’s tastes. Enjoy the rich taste of their Truffle Carbonara, or try the delicious Italian Meatball Pasta. For a lighter dish, the Aglio Olio Shrimp Pasta will take you to the sunny shores of Italy, and the Chicken Mediterranean Pasta will delight your taste buds with its burst of flavors.

If you want a filling sandwich to satisfy your hunger, try the CF Premiere Clubhouse Sandwich. It’s loaded with juicy chicken, crispy bacon, and fresh veggies. For a healthier choice, go for the California Chicken Clubhouse Sandwich which is packed with protein and wholesome ingredients.

Cafe France Menu Prices Philippines

Cafe France Menu Prices Philippines




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Popular at Cafe France Philippines

Creamy Truffle Carbonara

Experience the rich and creamy taste of Creamy Truffle Carbonara, an Italian pasta dish elevated with the earthy aroma of truffle oil. Soft spaghetti is coated in a luxurious sauce made with eggs, Parmesan cheese, and a hint of truffle oil, producing a blend of textures and flavors. The dish is further enhanced with crispy pancetta bits, which offer a savory contrast to the creamy sauce. At the same time, the truffle oil enriches the dish with its captivating aroma and subtle earthy hints. This pasta tastes amazing and showcases the sophistication and straightforwardness of Italian cooking.

Creamy Truffle Carbonara Popular items of  Cafe France Menu in  Philippines

Italian Meatball Pasta

Embark on a journey to Italy with Italian Meatball Pasta – a dish that is both hearty and satisfying. The succulent meatballs are made with a blend of ground beef and Italian sausage and served on a bed of perfectly cooked al dente pasta. The flavorful combination is created by simmering the meatballs in a rich tomato sauce infused with herbs and spices that evoke the rustic charm of Italian home cooking. Every bite is a mixture of textures and flavors. The soft meatballs merge with the perfectly cooked pasta, while the zesty tomato sauce provides a pleasant contrast. This traditional dish always pleases a crowd and showcases the timeless charm of Italian cooking.

Italian Meatball Pasta Popular items of  Cafe France Menu in  Philippines

Chicken Mediterranean Pasta

Embark on a delicious journey to the Mediterranean with Chicken Mediterranean Pasta – a lively dish that captures the essence of the region’s cuisine. Juicy grilled chicken, al dente pasta, and roasted veggies are tossed together with a zesty Mediterranean dressing, creating a delicious blend of tastes and textures. The chicken is marinated in aromatic herbs and spices, ensuring that each bite is bursting with flavor. The cooked veggies, a mix of bell peppers, zucchini, and onions, bring a fresh and sweet taste, while the Mediterranean dressing, a blend of lemon juice, olive oil, and herbs, ties the dish together with its zesty flavor. Each bite takes you on a journey to the Mediterranean, with fresh and seasonal ingredients and vibrant flavors of the region.

Chicken Mediterranean Pasta Popular items of  Cafe France Menu in  Philippines

CF Premiere Clubhouse Sandwich

Enjoy a delicious lunch with the CF Premiere Clubhouse Sandwich, a tall sandwich packed with various flavors and textures. The sandwich is made on perfectly toasted bread and filled with sliced turkey, crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and smooth avocado, creating an enjoyable combination of tastes and textures. The sandwich is topped with melted Swiss cheese, giving it a rich and indulgent flavor. Each bite is a culinary journey, with delicious turkey, crispy bacon, fresh veggies, and creamy avocado balancing each other perfectly. The melted Swiss cheese adds a delightful richness, while the toasted bread provides a satisfying crunch. This delectable sandwich is a lunchtime indulgence, a testament to the skill of creating a truly satisfying meal.

CF Premiere Clubhouse Sandwich Popular items of  Cafe France Menu in  Philippines

California Chicken Clubhouse Sandwich

Embrace the flavors of California with the California Chicken Clubhouse Sandwich, a celebration of the state’s vibrant cuisine. Grilled chicken, marinated in citrus and herbs, is the star, paired with fresh ingredients. Avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, and sprouts give a burst of texture and freshness, while a sweet and tangy honey mustard dressing holds everything together. Every bite takes you on a delicious trip to California, with juicy chicken, smooth avocado, crisp veggies, and zesty dressing harmonizing perfectly. The toasted bread adds a satisfying crunch, and the overall blend of flavors showcases the culinary brilliance of California cuisine.

California Chicken Clubhouse Sandwich Popular items of  Cafe France Menu in  Philippines

Chunky Chicken Delight Sandwich

A delicious treat for those who love chicken, the Chunky Chicken Delight Sandwich is definitely worth a try. Tender chicken breast is coated in a creamy mayonnaise dressing and accompanied by fresh lettuce and juicy tomatoes. The sandwich is then placed between two slices of soft, toasted bread, creating a perfect balance of tastes and textures that will leave you craving more.

The sandwich’s big portion of chicken makes every bite satisfying. The creamy mayo dressing adds richness and complements the natural flavors of the chicken. The lettuce and tomatoes give a refreshing contrast and juicy burst. The toasted bread has a sturdy base and adds crispy delight to every bite.

Chunky Chicken Delight Sandwich Popular items of  Cafe France Menu in  Philippines

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What is Cafe France restaurant Philippines?

Cafe France restaurant in the Philippines
Cafe France is a popular Filipino restaurant chain that serves a variety of Filipino and international cuisine. They are known for their affordable prices and large portions. Cafe France has over 100 branches in the Philippines.

Where are Cafe France restaurants in the Philippines?

Cafe France has branches all over the Philippines. You can find a branch near you by visiting their website or using their app.

What are the hours of operation for Cafe France restaurants in the Philippines?

Most Cafe France restaurants are open from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM. However, some branches may have different hours of operation. You can check the hours of operation for a specific branch by visiting their website or using their app.

What is the price range for Cafe France restaurants in the Philippines?

Cafe France is a very affordable restaurant chain. Most meals cost between PHP 100 and PHP 200.

Is there a delivery service for Cafe France restaurants in the Philippines?

Yes, Cafe France has a delivery service. You can order food online or through their app.

Does Cafe France have a catering service?

Yes, Cafe France does have a catering service. You can contact them for more information.

What are the reviews for Cafe France restaurants in the Philippines?

Cafe France has generally positive reviews. Customers praise the restaurant’s affordability, large portions, and wide variety of menu items. However, some customers have complained about the quality of the food and the service.

What are the payment options for Cafe France restaurants in the Philippines?

Cafe France accepts cash, credit cards, and debit cards. They also have a mobile payment app.

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