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Hello D’ Original Tipas Bakery lovers, are you looking for the latest D’ Original Tipas Bakery Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of D’ Original Tipas Bakery 2023 Philippines with prices.

D' Original Tipas Bakery

D’ Original Tipas Bakery Menu Philippines 2023 With Prices List

Hopiang Baboy Hopiang Mongo Big Box Hopiang Choco Pastillas Hopiang Mongo Big Box Hopiang Ube Big Box Hopiang Mongo Small Box Hopiang Ube Small Box Hopiang Pandan Hopiang Baboy Hopiang Pinya Hopiang Mongox5Pcs Hopiang Ubex5Pcs Hopiang Choco Pastillas Hopiang Ube Pastillas Hopiang Strawberry Pastillas Hopiang Milk Tea Pastillas Hopiang Cookies & Cream Pastillas Hopiang Mango Graham Pastillas Hopiang Cheese Pastillas Assorted Hopiang Pastillas Plain Hopiang Pastillas Snack Box Pastel Buns



Hopiang Baboy₱ 72
Hopiang Mongo Big Box₱ 140
Hopiang Choco Pastillas₱ 96

Classic Hopia

Hopiang Mongo Big Box₱ 140
Hopiang Ube Big Box₱ 140
Hopiang Mongo Small Box₱ 70
Hopiang Ube Small Box₱ 70
Hopiang Pandan₱ 70
Hopiang Baboy₱ 72
Hopiang Pinya₱ 72
Hopiang Mongox5Pcs₱ 35
Hopiang Ubex5Pcs₱ 35

Pastillas Hopia

Hopiang Choco Pastillas₱ 96
Hopiang Ube Pastillas₱ 96
Hopiang Strawberry Pastillas₱ 96
Hopiang Milk Tea Pastillas₱ 96
Hopiang Cookies & Cream Pastillas₱ 96
Hopiang Mango Graham Pastillas₱ 96
Hopiang Cheese Pastillas₱ 96
Assorted Hopiang Pastillas₱ 100
Plain Hopiang Pastillas Snack Box₱ 50


Pastel Buns₱ 128
Chicken Buns₱ 128
Choco Crinkles Mini₱ 60
Ube Crinkles Mini₱ 70

Cone Bites

Cone Bites Pouchx15pcs(Milk Chocolate)₱ 145
Cone Bites Pouchx15pcs(Strawberry)₱ 145
Cone Bites Pouchx15pcs(Dark Chocolate)₱ 145
Cone Bites Pouchx15pcs(Assorted)₱ 145
Cone Bites Pouchx15pcs(White Chocolate)₱ 145

Where is tipas Hopia originated?

Taguig City

Tipas Hopia

A popular brand of pastry originating from the Chinese. Belen Flores founded Tipas Bakery in her hometown of Ibayo-Tipas in Taguig City to compete with hopia produced by the Chinese, hoping to out-bake them with her own version.

What is the original Tipas Hopia?

Who is the original Tipas Hopia? Belen Flores, founded Tipas Bakery located in Ibayo-Tipas, Taguig City. She wanted to prove that Filipinos can create a hopia at par with those produced by the Chinese. In 1988, Inang Belen produced its first hopia product – Hopia Mongo

What is Tipas known for?

Geological Summary

This massive volcanic complex is the world’s third highest active volcano, but remains largely unknown. Cerro Tipas (also known as Walter Penk or Cazadero), is located immediately SSW of its better known neighbor, Nevados Ojos del Salado, Earth’s highest volcano.

Is hopia Filipino or Chinese?

Hopia has Chinese origins, introduced to Filipinos by Fukienese immigrants in the early 1900s. It means “good pastry” in Hokkian, a dialect spoken in Southern Fujian and Taiwan. Hopia is part of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival tradition as a sort of inexpensive version of moon cake.

Is Polland Hopia better than Holland?

As you can see from the photo, Ho-Land (L) has a thicker, flakier crust. Apart from being larger Polland (R) has a thin crust and its filling is more dense. Both are delicious, but Polland has a more intense mongo-ey taste.

What is the meaning of Tipas?

tipa f (plural tipe, masculine tipo) female equivalent of tipo. (familiar, of a woman) type, fellow, character, girl, woman. (familiar) girlfriend, girl.

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