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Hello remilly’s yema cake lovers, are you looking for the latest remilly’s yema cake Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of remilly’s yema cake Menu 2023 Philippines with prices.

Remilly'S Yema Cake Menu Prices Philippines 2022

remilly’s yema cake Menu Philippines 2023 With Prices List

Remilly’S Yema Cake Menu Philippines includes Yema Caramel Lava 8R Lava Dedication Yema Classic Half Yema Ube Whole Yema Caramel Half Number Candle White- 0 Number Candle White- 4 Number Candle White- 9 Number Candle Silk Pink- 0 Number Candle Silk Pink- 2 Number Candle Silk Pink- 3 Number Candle Silk Pink- 4 Number Candle Silk Pink- 5 Number Candle Silk Pink- 6 Number Candle Silk Pink- 7 Number Candle Silk (Pink) – 9 Number Candle Silk (Pink) – 8 Number Candle Silk (Blue) – 2 Number Candle Silk (Blue) – 0 Number Candle Silk Blue- 5 Number Candle Silk Blue-6 Number Candle Silk Blue.


Yema Classic 8r Lava Dedication₱ 618
Yema Caramel Lava 8R Lava Dedication₱ 630
Yema Classic 8x12 Lava Dedication₱ 900
Yema Ube 8r Lava Dedication₱ 618
Yema Classic Whole₱ 492
Yema Classic Half₱ 372


Number Candlle White- 0₱ 45
Number Candle White- 4₱ 45
Number Candle White- 9₱ 45


Happy Birthday Acrylic Topper - Gold₱ 60
Happy Birthday Candle - Gold₱ 95
Happy Birthday Candle - Rose Gold₱ 95
Happy Birthday Candle - Deep Blue₱ 95

Yema Classic

Yema Classic Whole₱ 492
Yema Classic Half₱ 372
Yema Classic Single₱ 114
Yema Classic 8r Lava Dedication₱ 618
Yema Classic 8x12 Lava Dedication₱ 900
Yema Classic 10X14 Lava Dedication₱ 1176


Pastillas Cake Lava 8r Lava Dedication₱ 594
Pastillas Cake Single₱ 108
Pastillas Cake Whole₱ 474
Pastillas Cake Half₱ 354
Pastillas Cake Lava 8x12 Lava Dedication₱ 870


Yema Ube Single₱ 114
Yema Ube 8r Lava Dedication₱ 618


Yema Caramel Lava 8R Lava Dedication₱ 630
Yema Caramel Whole₱ 498
Yema Caramel Single₱ 114
Yema Caramel Lava 8x12 Lava Dedication₱ 918


Choco Dulce Whole₱ 474
Choco Dulce Half₱ 354
Choco Dulce Single₱ 114
Choco Dulce 8x12 Lava Dedication₱ 894


Yema Mango Whole₱ 492
Yema Mango Single₱ 114
Yema Mango Half₱ 366
Yema Mango 8x12 Lava Dedication₱ 900


Ensaymada₱ 62
Yema De Ube Bun₱ 72
Choco Caramel Bun₱ 72
Ube Halaya Ensaymada₱ 62

Other Products

Leche Flan₱ 171
Merengue₱ 102
Polvoron₱ 20
Toasted Mamon₱ 146
Crispy Choco₱ 213

Bread In Bundles

Ube Pandesal With Cheese (8s)₱ 160
Pugon Pandesal (10S)₱ 120

Bottled Products

Yema Spread₱ 222
Chili Oil₱ 130
Chili Garlic₱ 290

How much is a Yema cake in Philippines?

Rodillas Yema Cake Price List 2023 (Updated) Rodillas Product Price Whole Yema ₱290.00 Half Yema ₱165.00 Whole Caramel ₱290.00 Half Caramel ₱170.00 30 more rows •

How much is Yema cake at red ribbon?

700 pesos  The Yema Caramel Cake regular size price starts at 700 pesos while the junior size starts at 490 pesos. This new cake flavor is now available nationwide for take-out, call & pick up in Red Ribbon branches near you, or for delivery through the Red Ribbon Hotline #87777, and Red Ribbon RIA on Facebook Messenger.

Is yema and dulce de leche same?

Both of these luscious sweet treats are made with condensed milk and are caramel-like. The main difference is that dulce de leche is made from condensed milk only while yema spread is custard-based, wherein the condensed milk is cooked with egg yolks and butter.

How long does yema last?

   Yema will last for up to 5 weeks if stored in room temperature. If you want them to last longer, store them in a sealed container and refrigerate. Doing so will extend its expiry or shelf life for up to 7 weeks. Want to try another dessert?

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