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Tavolata Menu Prices Philippines

Tavolata Menu Philippines With Prices List


Embarking on a culinary exploration of Tavolata Menu Philippines, my taste buds reveled in a symphony of flavors and textures that left an indelible mark. The Caesar Salad, a delightful masterpiece priced at ₱745, was a harmonious blend of crisp freshness and savory notes. The Seafood Salad, a true oceanic delight at ₱900, showcased the bounties of the sea in every bite. The Chopped Salumi Salad, available in both Small (₱915) and Large (₱1,490) sizes, was a tantalizing fusion of cured meats and garden-fresh ingredients. The Farmer Salad (₱860) and Beet Salad (₱915) exuded a medley of earthy flavors, a testament to the chef’s artistry. A comforting embrace on cooler days, the Tuscan Soup (₱525) was a warm and inviting dish. Elevating the dining experience, the Bruschetta Chicken Liver (₱420) and Crispy Calamari (₱1,055) added a dash of indulgence to the repertoire. Culminating the feast, the Crispy Chicken (₱685) provided a succulent finale to this culinary journey. At Tavolata, each dish seemed to tell a story, inviting patrons like me to savor and celebrate the art of gastronomy.


Embarking on a culinary odyssey through Tavolata Menu Philippines, I found myself immersed in a symphony of delectable pizza creations that awakened my senses. The Margherita (₱725) transported me to Italy with its harmonious blend of tomato, mozzarella, and basil. The Formaggi (₱780) presented a rich ensemble of cheeses that tantalized the palate. For those craving a fiery kick, the Diavola (₱805) with its spicy toppings provided a delightful adventure. Delving into the Prosciutto (₱880) was a journey into indulgence with the perfect balance of cured meat and toppings. The Frutti Di Mare (₱870) allowed me to savor the treasures of the sea atop a pizza crust. A taste of the Salame (₱800) revealed a delightful marriage of flavors, while the Verdura (₱790) celebrated the vibrancy of garden-fresh ingredients. The Meatball (₱780) surprised with its hearty and satisfying essence. Meanwhile, the Capricciosa (₱805) presented a medley of flavors that danced on the taste buds. The Anchovy (₱745) offered a savory delight for seafood enthusiasts. Lastly, the Fennel Sausage (₱835) provided a unique and flavorful experience that perfectly capped off my pizza journey. At Tavolata, pizza was not just a dish; it was a canvas of culinary artistry that I savored with every bite.


Embarking on a journey of flavors through Tavolata Menu Philippines, I found myself immersed in a tantalizing array of pasta dishes that delighted my taste buds. The Pomodoro (₱685) embraced simplicity with its tomato-based essence that celebrated the essence of fresh ingredients. The Amatriciana (₱805) offered a delightful interplay of pancetta and spice that danced on the palate. Igniting the senses, the Arrabiatta (₱720) carried a kick of heat amidst its savory notes. The Puttanesca (₱800) painted a canvas of bold flavors with its olive and caper-infused composition. A timeless classic, the Carbonara (₱785) showcased the beauty of creamy indulgence. The Vodka (₱765) unveiled a vodka-infused symphony that elevated the dining experience. For a taste of richness, the Norcina (₱975) provided a delectable blend of sausage and truffle. Diving into the Pescatore (₱1,030) was a maritime journey filled with an abundance of seafood treasures. The Cacio E Pepe (₱705) captured the heart of simplicity with its pecorino and pepper allure. A taste of tradition awaited in the form of the Traditional Bolognaise (₱720), a robust and comforting dish. Lastly, the Vongole (₱880) showcased the elegance of clams in a pasta symphony. At Tavolata, each pasta dish was a celebration of taste, culture, and culinary finesse that I relished with every forkful.

Tavolata Menu Prices Philippines

Who Is The Owner Of Tavolata in the Philippines?

Tavolata Restaurant belongs to The Abaca Group Company, which owns multiple restaurants.

Is Tavolata Halal In the Philippines?

We are not sure if Tavolata is halal in Philippines or not.

How Many Locations Have Tavolata In the Philippines?

Tavolata has more than 5 outlets in Philippines.

What Tavolata Accepting Credit Cards In Philippines?

Yes! Tavolata Accepting Credit Cards In Philippines.

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