Hello Nommu Basho lovers, are you looking for the latest Nommu Basho Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Nommu Basho Menu 2024 Philippines with prices.

Nommu Basho Menu Philippines

Nommu Basho Menu Philippines With Price List


Ramen & Noodles

Indulge in their Best Seller Torched Ramen, Black Shoyu Ramen, and Miso Ramen, all priced at just ₱254.15₱299. For a unique twist, try the Seller Tantamen Ramen or savor the Shoyu Ramen, also starting at ₱254.15₱299. Seafood lovers can’t miss the Best Seller Seafood Ramen, available from ₱238₱280.

Signature Maki

Their menu features a wide range of mouthwatering options, including the Temari Bomb for just ₱169.15 (originally ₱199) and the crowd-favorite Tropical Maki at ₱203.15 (usually ₱239). Don’t forget to try the Crunch Shitake Roll, Mango Lovers Rolls, Avocado Roll, California Maki, and other delicious selections, all priced affordably. Plus, their Spicy Tuna Roll is a steal at ₱323 (regularly ₱380).


Sushi And Sashimi Platters

Their mouthwatering offerings include the Nommu Festival for just ₱679.15 (originally ₱799) and the Nommu Sashimi Overload at ₱1,870 (originally ₱2,200). Don’t miss the chance to indulge in their Vegan Platter for only ₱764.15 (originally ₱899) or the Special Nommu Platter priced at ₱1,444.15 (originally ₱1,699).


Their Spicy Tuna Salad is a delightful treat at just ₱272, and the Spicy Salmon Salad is a steal at ₱289. Don’t miss the Nommu Supreme Salad for ₱279.65, and the Avocado Salad is a refreshing choice at ₱228.65. Craving something unique? Try the Mango & Kani Salad, priced at ₱211.65.


Rice Meals

Their menu offers a wide range of delectable dishes, with the Beef Yakimiku Sumo and Chicken Karaage Sumo standing out as best-sellers. Don’t miss the highly recommended Beef Misono Sumo. With prices ranging from ₱143.65 to ₱379, it’s a fantastic value for your taste buds! Whether you’re a fan of beef, chicken, or seafood, Nommu Basho has something to satisfy every palate.

Chicken Entree

Seafood Entree

Yakiniku & Misono



Their tantalizing menu features mouthwatering options like Tomato Bacon, Kani Bacon, Torikawa, Wagyu Yakitori, Butabara, Negima, Mixed Yakitori, and Enoki Bacon, all priced between ₱279.65 and ₱700.

Nommu Basho Alternative Restaurants

Nommu Basho Opening & Closing Hours

Monday8:00 – 19:00
Tuesday8:00 – 19:00
Wednesday8:00 – 19:00
Thursday8:00 – 19:00
Friday8:00 – 19:00
Saturday8:00 – 20:00
Sunday8:00 – 20:00

How many branches does Nommu Basho have in the Philippines?

12 branches of Nommu Basho have in the Philippines.

Who is the owner of Nommu Basho in the Philippines?

Jimmy John Liautaud is the owner of Nommu Basho in the Philippines.

Does Nommu Basho accept credit cards?

Yes! Nommu Basho accepts credit cards.

Is Nommu Basho halal?

Nommu Basho’s halal status is a matter of debate and personal interpretation. Some believe it is halal, while others do not. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

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