Hello BOK Korean Fried Chicken lovers, are you looking for the latest BOK Korean Fried Chicken Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists ofBOK Korean Fried Chicken 2023 Philippines with prices.

BOK Korean Fried Chicken Menu Philippines

BOK Korean Fried Chicken Menu Prices Philippines

Snow Cheese (Half) Soy Garlic (Half) Jack (Half) Yangnyeom (Half) Snow Cheese (Solo) Kimchi Fried Rice Double Double Box BOKada Bundle (2 Half + 4 Kimchi Rice) Double Double Bundle Yangnyeom With Garlic (Half) Snow Cheese (Half) Soy Garlic (Half) Original (Half) Yangnyeom (Half) Jack (Half) Korean Buffalo (Half) Honey Butter (Half) Lemon Pepper (Half) Jack (Whole) Original (Whole) Yangnyeom (Whole) Soy Garlic (Whole) Snow Cheese (Whole) Korean Buffalo (Whole) Yangnyeom With Garlic (Whole) Lemon Pepper (Whole) Honey Butter (Whole) Soy Garlic (Solo) Original (Solo)



Snow Cheese (Half)from ₱ 339
Soy Garlic (Half)from ₱ 319
Jack (Half)from ₱ 319
Yangnyeom (Half)from ₱ 319
Snow Cheese (Solo)from ₱ 179
Kimchi Fried Rice₱ 79

2 Flavors

Double Double Boxfrom ₱ 549

BOKada Deals

BOKada Bundle (2 Half + 4 Kimchi Rice)from ₱ 949
Double Double Bundlefrom ₱ 769

Half Boneless Chicken (8 Pcs Chicken)

Yangnyeom With Garlic (Half)from ₱ 339
Snow Cheese (Half)from ₱ 339
Soy Garlic (Half)from ₱ 319
Original (Half)from ₱ 319
Yangnyeom (Half)from ₱ 319
Jack (Half)from ₱ 319
Korean Buffalo (Half)from ₱ 319
Honey Butter (Half)from ₱ 319
Lemon Pepper (Half)from ₱ 319

Whole Boneless Chicken (16 Pcs Chicken)

Jack (Whole)from ₱ 624
Original (Whole)from ₱ 624
Yangnyeom (Whole)from ₱ 624
Soy Garlic (Whole)from ₱ 624
Snow Cheese (Whole)from ₱ 654
Korean Buffalo (Whole)from ₱ 624
Yangnyeom With Garlic (Whole)from ₱ 654
Lemon Pepper (Whole)from ₱ 624
Honey Butter (Whole)from ₱ 624

Solo Meals (3 Pcs Chicken)

Soy Garlic (Solo)from ₱ 169
Original (Solo)from ₱ 169
Yangnyeom (Solo)from ₱ 169
Snow Cheese (Solo)from ₱ 179
Yangnyeom with Garlic Solofrom ₱ 179
Jack (Solo)from ₱ 169
Korean Buffalo (Solo)from ₱ 169
Lemon Pepper (Solo)from ₱ 169
Honey Butter (Solo)from ₱ 169

Corndog Bites & Fries

Sausage Corndog Bites₱ 189
Mozzarella Corndog Bites₱ 229

Spaghetti & Rice

Kimchi Fried Rice₱ 79
Plain Rice₱ 35
BOKada Rice₱ 299


Cheese Dip₱ 70
Garlic₱ 35
Chili₱ 35
Kimchi (100g)₱ 55
Extra Signature Saucefrom ₱ 40


Coke In Can₱ 80
Coke Zero In Can₱ 80
Bottled Water₱ 40
Coke Vanilla₱ 95
Lemon Dou₱ 129

Best Korean Restaurant In Manila

What makes Korean fried chicken different?

So what makes Korean fried chicken so different from its American counterpart? While its American cousin is usually brined and dredged in a flour and buttermilk mixture, Korean fried chicken tends to be more light and crispy with a thin, almost paper-like skin that is not heavily battered.

Why is Korean fried chicken so crispy?

Korean fried chicken is super crispy due to the addition of potato starch in its batter and double frying the chicken. This second fry also boils off the extra moisture in the chicken after the first fry. Korean fried chicken is known to stay extra crispy for an extended period of time, even with a glaze!

What is the best Flavour Korean fried chicken?

Sweet soy, honey butter, spicy garlic – Korean fried chicken comes in many flavours, but my favourite is what is variously described as “sweet, sour and spicy”, “sweet and spicy chilli” and “spicy Asian”, a sticky-sweet yet intensely savoury sauce in which the heat can be adjusted to taste.

What is the white stuff with Korean fried chicken?

pickled radish

If you’ve ever ordered Korean fried chicken at a restaurant before, you might have been served this pickled radish, called chicken-mu. Tiny cold radish cubes, pickled in sweet, sour, and just a little salty brine is very refreshing when paired with super crispy Korean fried or roasted chicken.

Why does Korean fried chicken taste so good?

Most Korean fried chicken is fried once and then taken out, shaken of excess oil, and rested, before going back into the fryer for a second time for the perfect crisp. The result is a much thinner version of the American fried chicken and the meat is often cooked really well and is almost light in texture and flavor.

Why do Koreans make such good fried chicken?

Unlike its American counterpart, Korean fried chicken is fried twice to get it to be crunchier. Frying the chicken twice also makes it less greasy. Restaurants also use younger chickens and this results in more tender meat.

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