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Spring Palace Seafood Restaurant Menu Philippines

Spring Palace Seafood Restaurant Menu Philippines With Price List


House Specialties

The Lechon Macau, priced at ₱420, was a crispy delight that left me craving for more. The Roasted Soy Chicken (₱360) and Hainanese Chicken (₱360) showcased tender perfection. The menu’s standout was the Mixed Cold Cuts (₱750), which was elevated by the addition of succulent Roast Duck. The Roasted Pork Asado (₱420) and Roast Peking Duck Quarter (₱1,100) rounded off the culinary journey with their exquisite flavors.

Egg Omelette


Shrimp & Prawn



From the tantalizing Salt & Pepper Squid priced at ₱420 to the mouthwatering Fried Shrimp Ball at ₱495, every dish is a treat for your taste buds. Don’t miss out on the aromatic Spring Palace Seafood Hot Pot starting from just ₱450. Savor the rich flavors of the ocean with offerings like Steamed Fish Fillet, Sweet & Sour Fried Fish Fillet, and more. Craving variety? Try the Fried Seafood Salad Roll and Crispy Seafood Lumpia, both priced affordably at ₱480 and ₱450 respectively.

Classic Chinese Chicken

Classic Chinese Beef

Classic Chinese Pork


Dim Sum

From succulent Pork Shrimp Siomai at just ₱118 to mouthwatering Spinach Shrimp Dumplings priced at ₱158, every bite was a burst of flavor. Don’t miss the unique Quail Egg Siomai for ₱118. A must-visit for authentic and affordable dim sum delights.


Rice Toppings

Savor a symphony of flavors with their delectable rice toppings menu, featuring Roasted Soy Chicken, Hainanese Chicken, Lechon Macau, Roast Duck, Pork Asado, Spareribs Tausi with Chicken Feet, Beef Camto Radish, Chopsuey, and Sweet and Sour Pork – each a delightful masterpiece starting at just ₱198.



Spring Palace Seafood Restaurant Opening & Closing Hours

Sunday6 am–9 pm
Monday6 am–9 pm
Tuesday6 am–9 pm
Wednesday6 am–9 pm
Thursday6 am–9 pm
Friday6 am–9 pm
Saturday6 am–9 pm

How many branches does Spring Palace Seafood Restaurant have in the Philippines?

21 branches are Spring Palace Seafood Restaurant have in the Philippines.

Who is the owner of Spring Palace Seafood Restaurant in the Philippines?

Rowena Romulo is the owner of Spring Palace Seafood Restaurant in the Philippines.

Does Spring Palace Seafood Restaurant accept credit cards?

Yes! Spring Palace Seafood Restaurant accepts credit cards.

Is Spring Palace Seafood Restaurant halal?

Spring Palace Seafood Restaurant’s halal status is a matter of debate and personal interpretation. Some believe it is halal, while others do not. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

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