Are you looking for the latest Alberto’s Pizza Menu Philippines prices? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Alberto’s Pizza Menu Price 2024 Philippines prices.

Alberto's Pizza  Menu Price Philippines

Alberto’s Pizza Menu Price List Philippines



On my recent visit to Alberto’s Pizza in the Philippines, I had the pleasure of trying their delectable Papaitan, a unique twist on traditional pizza. The standout was the Cookies N’ Cheese Pizza, a delightful blend of sweet and savory. With an extensive menu of mouthwatering options, like the Oreo Piña Pizza and Yummy Hotdog Pizza, Alberto’s truly caters to diverse tastes. The prices are reasonable, starting from just ₱156, making it an excellent choice for a satisfying and affordable meal. Don’t miss out on their Garden Express Pizza and Hawaiian Pizza for a burst of flavors. Alberto’s Pizza is a must-visit for pizza enthusiasts looking for quality and variety in one place.


How much does Alberto’s pizza cost?

Wondering about the cost of Alberto’s Pizza? Here’s a quick rundown of their menu:
Quickmelt 9″: ₱110
Mozarella 11″: ₱175
Pizza Supreme (both sizes): ₱110 and ₱175 respectively
Hawaiian (both sizes): ₱110 and ₱175 respectively
Chocomallow (both sizes): ₱110 and ₱175 respectively
All Pepperoni (both sizes): ₱115 and ₱180 respectively
Now you have all the delicious options and their corresponding prices! Enjoy your pizza feast!

How big is Alberto’s pizza?

Alberto’s Pizza offers a delectable range of flavors, including Oreo Piña, Chocomallow, and Cookies n’ Cheese. They come in two sizes, 9 inches, and 11 inches, giving you plenty of choices to satisfy your cravings. Don’t miss out on the unforgettable taste of Alberto’s Pizza – a true delight for your taste buds!

What is the story of Albertos pizza?

Alberto’s Pizza has a rich history that spans three generations. It all began with Alberto’s grandfather, who immigrated from Italy to the United States and pursued the American dream in York, Pennsylvania. He laid the foundation for the family’s restaurant business, and now Alberto proudly continues the legacy as a third-generation pizza maker. Keeping the Italian traditions alive, Alberto’s Pizza brings the flavors everyone adores and cherishes to share with the community.

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