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In this busy world, everyone wants something pleasing during a working day. Butternut Bakery, as it is clearly visible from the name, is a location where you can reward yourself with your favorite cakes and other bakery products. The bread and pastries on the Butternut Bakery menu are good to ‘dough’ at first glance – crisp and reminiscent of home. La Leche Flan Cake, Cupid’s Strawberry Chantilly, Mocha Chiffon Cake with French Buttercream, and Moistest Carrot Cake Ever are the bestsellers on the Butternut Bakery menu.

Butternut Bakery menu Philippines with prices 2023 

Butternut Bakery lovingly makes and bakes its bakery products with love and dedication. Their cakes are balanced in flavors and aren’t too sweet so you can taste every layer of flavor. Not only are their cakes that are balanced in flavor, but also their prices of them are balanced too. Here is the latest list of all the available items on the Butternut Bakery menu Philippines with accessible prices that you might wanna look at : 

Bnut Bars

Butternut Bakery Assorted BoxAssorted Box562.5
Butternut Bakery Double Chocolate BrowniesDouble Chocolate Brownies437.5
Butternut Bakery Ube Bliss BarsUbe Bliss Bars475

Whole Cakes

Butternut Bakery 5 Layer Original Brazo5 Layer Original Brazo137.5
Butternut Bakery 5 Layer Ube Brazo5 Layer Ube Brazo1,562.50
Butternut Bakery Cupid’s Strawberry Chantilly CremeCupid’s Strawberry Chantilly Creme2,437.50
Butternut Bakery Cupid’s Strawberry Chantilly CremeCupid’s Strawberry Chantilly Creme2,437.50
Butternut Bakery Mocha Chiffon Cake (with French Buttercream)Mocha Chiffon Cake (with French Buttercream)1,562.50
Butternut Bakery Moistiest Carrot Cake EverMoistiest Carrot Cake Ever218.75
Butternut Bakery Pandan Mango Swoon CakePandan Mango Swoon Cake2,312.50
Butternut Bakery Single Origin Chocolate CakeSingle Origin Chocolate Cake250
Butternut Bakery Ube Chiffon (with Ube Halaya Filling)Ube Chiffon (with Ube Halaya Filling)206.25
Butternut Bakery White Chocolate Tres LechesWhite Chocolate Tres Leches175
Delicate layers of pandan chiffon cake with housemade pandan custard and mango bits, covered with pandan frosting and topped with fresh mango slivers and 24k gold flakes.Butternut Bakery La La Leche Flan Cake2,312.50

Best Bars In Manila

Breads & Pastries

Almond Ensaymada118.75
Banana Bread (Whole)175
Cheese Cupcake (8 Pieces)175
Cheese Rolls106.25
Classic Ensaymada118.75
Macaroons (8 Pieces)175
Pan de Coco (3 Pieces)118.75
Raisin Cinnamon Roll181.25
Ube Ensaymada106.25
Yema Bread (8 Pieces)150

Baby Cakes

Butternut Bakery Classic Red Velvet Cake493.75
Butternut Bakery Cupid’s Strawberry Chantilly Creme Baby Cake493.75
Butternut Bakery La La Leche Flan Baby Cake493.75
Butternut Bakery Mocha Chiffon Cake (with French Buttercream)431.25
Butternut Bakery Moistest Carrot Cake Ever475
Butternut Bakery Pandan Mango Swoon Baby Cake487.5
Butternut Bakery Single Origin Chocolate Cake431.24
Butternut Bakery Ube Chiffon (with Ube Halaya Filling)431.25


Butternut Signature Latte187.5
Chai Latte187.5
Flat White150
Iced Honey white peach mint tea187.5
Long Black137.5
Matcha Latte200
Salted Caramel Latte187.5
Ube Latte200
White Chocolate Mocha200

White Chocolate Tres Leches, Single Origin Chocolate Cake, Ube Chiffon with Ube Halaya Filling, Layer Ube Brazo De Mercedes, and Layer OG Brazo De Mercedes are some of the other favorites in the Butternut Bakery menu Philippines. All these delicacies are so sweet and wonderful that a cake lover cannot get his eyes and hands off of them. 

Baby version of cakes in the Butternut Bakery menu Philippines will surely cast a spell on your sweet tooth, especially on the childrens. Their baby cakes comes in flavors like Mocha Chiffon Baby Cake with French Buttercream, Ube Chiffon with Ube Halaya Filling Baby Cake, Moistest Baby Carrot Cake Ever, Red Velvet Baby Cake, Cupid’s Strawberry Chantilly Baby Cake and more! The Butternut Bakery Philippines is very well aware of the choices of its respectable customers and has closeness with them. Purity is guaranteed in each of their cakes. They make sure to serve you in all your special celebrations, occasions, your Zoom meeting and let you experience your next sweet or guilt-free craving. Their online services are available with a fast delivery service. So order your favorite cake for your loved ones from the nearest branch of Butternut Bakery. 

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Butternut Bakery Philippines 2023
butternut bakery cake
Butternut Bakery Philippines

Updated Butternut Bakery menu Philippines June 2023

Butternut Bakery is known for unique flavors and high-quality cakes that you will always crave and demand. Their cakes are freshly made the previous day to ensure high quality flavors that speak of perfection from the first bite. Butternut Bakery usually makes new updates in their products to attract more and more customers. Some of the sweet flavors and demanding flavors of Butternut Bakery menu Philippines are : Guimaras Mango Créme Cake

Soft-as-clouds vanilla sponge cake, fresh mango compote made from our world-famous mangoes and slathered with our ever-so-light créme chantilly. 

Topped with mango slices and adorned with edible pearls and gold foil, gently hand-assembled by our bakery team. 

mangocake 1 503x503 1
Guimaras Mango Créme Cake

Classic Red Velvet Cake 

Cocoa-kissed red velvet cake in between generous layers of perfectly sweet and tangy cream cheese frosting. 

Red Velvet Social
Classic Red Velvet Cake 

Ube Bliss Bars 

The most delectable purple yam treats mixed in with a fudgy oat dough layer for the perfect satisfying bite. Packed in groups of 16 squares each box, you’ll be getting enough to satisfy you and your loved ones. 

Ube Bliss Bars 

Double Chocolate Brownies 

Made from their best quality cocoa — baked double times better! Their double chocolate brownies feature fudge and moisture like you’ve never tasted before! Whisked in with the perfect level of sweetness to accentuate the rich cocoa flavor you absolutely love!

Double Chocolate Brownies 

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