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Hello lido lovers, are you looking for the latest lido Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of lido Menu 2023 Philippines with prices.

Lido  Menu Prices Philippines 2022

lido Menu Philippines 2023 With Prices List

Lumpiang Shanghai Yangchow Fried Rice Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet Bihon Guisado Broccoli Garlic Lido Treats for 2s Set A Lido Treats for 3s Set B Lido Treats for 5s Set C Sauteed Squid In Seafood Sauce Squid Chili Taosi Squid in Salt & Pepper Asado Pandesal Corned Beef Pandesal Kape at Pandesal – Corned Beef Twin Pandesal – Corned Beef Kape at Pandesal Asado Twin Pandesal Asado Filipino Breakfast Longganisa Filipino Breakfast Daing na Bangus Filipino Breakfast Beef Tapa Filipino Breakfast Corned Beef Chinese Breakfast Medley Scrambles Breakfast – Smoked Sausage Scrambles Breakfast – Asado Smoked Sausage Scrambles Breakfast – Chinese Chorizo Omelette Breakfast – Trio

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Lumpiang Shanghai₱ 320
Yangchow Fried Ricefrom ₱ 146
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet₱ 376
Bihon Guisadofrom ₱ 208
Broccoli Garlic₱ 275


Lido Treats for 2s Set A₱ 749
Lido Treats for 3s Set B₱ 1089
Lido Treats for 5s Set C₱ 10499


Sauteed Squid In Seafood Sauce₱ 488
Squid Chili Taosi₱ 488
Squid in Salt & Pepper₱ 409

Kape't Pandesal

Asado Pandesal₱ 124
Corned Beef Pandesal₱ 118
Kape at Pandesal - Corned Beef₱ 202
Twin Pandesal - Corned Beef₱ 208
Kape at Pandesal Asado₱ 219
Twin Pandesal Asado₱ 230


Filipino Breakfast Longganisa₱ 320
Filipino Breakfast Daing na Bangus₱ 320
Filipino Breakfast Beef Tapa₱ 320
Filipino Breakfast Corned Beef₱ 320
Chinese Breakfast Medley₱ 348
Scrambles Breakfast - Smoked Sausage₱ 320
Scrambles Breakfast - Asado Smoked Sausage₱ 331
Scrambles Breakfast - Chinese Chorizo₱ 308
Omelette Breakfast - Trio Mushroom₱ 297
Omelette Breakfast - Shrimp and Mushroom₱ 320
Classic Breakfast Medley₱ 331
Breakfast Primera₱ 331


Hong Ma with Cuapao₱ 572
Lumpiang Shanghai₱ 320
Spareribs In Salt And Pepper₱ 443
Sweet and Sour Pork₱ 432
Drunken Lechon Macau₱ 488
Lechon Macau and Mushrooms in Plum Sauce₱ 510
Asado with Plum Sauce₱ 510
Shantung Pork₱ 432


Beef Sotanghon in Hot Pot₱ 398
Beef Broccoli₱ 420
Beef Ampalaya₱ 398


Buttered Chicken₱ 398
Chinese Fried Chickenfrom ₱ 398
Manchurian Wings₱ 432
3 Cups Chicken₱ 443


Steamed Fish Fillet with House Soy₱ 387
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet₱ 376
Braised Fish Fillet with Beancurd₱ 376


Shrimp Balls₱ 454
Shrimp Foo-Yong₱ 544
Camaron Rebosado₱ 532
House Sichuan Shrimp₱ 544


Sichuan Eggplant with Minced Pork₱ 320
Chopsuey Guisado₱ 320
Braised Tofu with Mushrooms₱ 320
Stir-fried Seasonal Vegetables₱ 320
Broccoli Garlic₱ 275

Pancit Guisado

Chami Specialfrom ₱ 208
Miki-bihonfrom ₱ 208
Bihon Guisadofrom ₱ 208
Pancit Cantonfrom ₱ 208


Pork Ribs with Century Egg Congeefrom ₱ 174
Fried Dumplings with Century Egg Congeefrom ₱ 174
Bola Bola Congeefrom ₱ 157
Bola With Century Egg Congeefrom ₱ 163
Fish Congeefrom ₱ 157
Lido Congeefrom ₱ 202
Chicken Congeefrom ₱ 157


Wanton Soupfrom ₱ 146
Hot and Sour Soupfrom ₱ 146
Eight Treasure Soupfrom ₱ 146
Hototay Soupfrom ₱ 174
Nido Soupfrom ₱ 146
Sate Meatball with Beancurd Soupfrom ₱ 146


Yangchow Fried Ricefrom ₱ 146
Beef Fried Ricefrom ₱ 146
Lechon Macau Fried Ricefrom ₱ 146
Lido Fried Ricefrom ₱ 146
Garlic Ricefrom ₱ 96
Steamed Rice₱ 56


Lomi Specialfrom ₱ 196
Hunan-Style Lomifrom ₱ 196

Sides and Dimsum

Siopao₱ 124
Poached Tofu in Special Soy₱ 157
Steamed Pork Ribs in Taosi₱ 140
Cuapaofrom ₱ 79
Hong Ma₱ 488
Minipao Asadofrom ₱ 247
Buchi₱ 152
Crispy Tofu in Chinese Vinegar₱ 140
Crispy Tofu in Salt & Pepper₱ 157
Chicharon₱ 62
Chicken Feet₱ 124
Crispy Dumplings₱ 140
Steamed Dumplings₱ 140


Sprite Regular in Can₱ 84
Royal Regular in Can₱ 84
Coke Regular in Can₱ 84
Coke Zero in Can₱ 84
Pineapple Juice in Can₱ 110
Mango Juice in Can₱ 110
Bottled Water₱ 62
Lido Siphon-Brewed Coffee₱ 140

Oriental Feast

BLC Feast₱ 1287
Bilao Feast C₱ 3919
Bilao Feast D₱ 1735

Who owns Lido Harlem?

Susannah Koteen began waiting tables and bartending at fifteen years old, and she has been working in the hospitality industry ever since. After college, she moved to Manhattan’s Harlem neighborhood, where neighborhood developers, Artimus Construction hired her.

Who owns Lido Troon?

One of Scotland’s best-known designers, Jim Hamilton, was in charge of the design of the first Krion® façade in the United Kingdom for the Lido restaurant in Troon. The establishment belongs to Buzzworks Holdings which is owned by Colin Blair; a prominent businessman in catering.

What sea is Lido Beach?

Lido is known as the sports and recreation area of Venice. Take some time to enjoy the sandy cost of Lido, which stretches over 11 km and overlooks the Adriatic Sea.

Is Lido Beach NY private?

A very private, clean area.

What is Lido Beach known for?

Just a brief and scenic drive west of Sarasota and home to one of Florida’s most pristine beaches, Lido Key is known for its eco-tourism and sunset cruises. It’s the place to go for deep sea fishing, dolphin watching and sailing.

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