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Heihei Chicken Menu Prices Philippines 2022

heihei chicken Menu Philippines 2024 With Prices List

HeiHei 11-Pc Fried Chicken crispy’s&jucy Leg bonlessStrips chicken Nuggets chicken Burger crispy Friends chicken chickenhot wings chicken Breast Buffalo Wings chicken Pocora chicken Popcron chicken sweet Popcron chicken Balls


Fried Chicken

HeiHei 11-Pc Fried Chicken₱ 280
Chicken crispy's&jucy LegRs 50 Per Pcs
bonlessStripsRs 80 Per 5 Pcs
chicken NuggetsRs 50 Per 6 Pcs
chicken BurgerRs 60 Per Pcs Rs 80 double chees
crispy Friends chickenRs 30 Per Pcs Rs 105 Per 4 Pcs
chickenhot wingsRs 60 Per 4 Pcs
chicken BreastRs 60 Per Pcs
Buffalo WingsRs 80 Per 4 Pcs
chicken PocoraRs 30 Per 6 Pcs Rs 55 Per 12 Pcs
chicken PopcronRs 50 Per 10 Pcs Rs 90 Per 20 Pcs
chicken sweet PopcronRs 50 Per 10 Pcs Rs 85 Per 20 Pcs
chicken BallsRs 30 Per 6 Pcs

Does Heihei mean chicken?

The villager that suggests eating Heihei is also voiced by Alan Tudyk. In addition to Tudyk’s voice, several actual chicken sound effects were used for Heihei as well. The word heihei or hei hei means “chicken” in Māori.

What kind of chicken is Heihei?

Heihei is a bantam rooster. While most animal sidekicks in Disney princess movies, such as Maximus or Sven, are portrayed as unusually clever for their species with near-human intelligence, Heihei is the complete inversion of this trope, being incredibly stupid even by chicken standards.

What does Heihei mean in Hawaii?

1. nvi. Race, as foot race, canoe race, horse race; to race. He kanaka ikaika e heihei ana (Hal. 19.5), a strong man running a race.

What do Hawaiians call chickens?

n. 1. Chicken, red jungle chicken (Gallus gallus), fowl, as brought to Hawaiʻi by Polynesians; for some people, an ʻaumakua.

What does Heihei mean in Chinese?

The two Chinese characters (kanji) constituting the period’s name are translated, respectively, as “peace” and as the root of the verb “to become.” An English equivalent for Heisei is “Achieving Peace.” Akihito. Date: 1989 – April 30, 2019 Location: Japan Key People: Akihito.

What does Moana call her chicken?

Disney’s newest animated movie “Moana” includes a chicken with a low IQ named Heihei. Originally, the character was supposed to be a lot smarter.

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