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Hello Julie’s Bakeshop lovers, are you looking for the latest Julie’s Bakeshop Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Julie’s Bakeshop 2023 Philippines with prices.

Julie's Bakeshop Menu Prices Philippines

Julie’s Bakeshop Menu Philippines 2023 With Prices List

Sliced Bread Special Cheese Bread Spanish Bread Sliced Bread Regular Graciosa Loaf Pandesal Sliced Bread Regular Sliced Bread Special Violet Cream Loaf Bicho-Bicho Cheese Butter Bread Choco Swirl Siakoy Ube Bar Cake Ube Streusel Sweetheart Up & Down Ube Basket Mongo Basket Toasted Bread Mushroom Ensaymada Monggo Corn Bread Hawaiian Bread Graciosa Loaf



Sliced Bread Special₱ 70
Cheese Breadfrom ₱ 8
Spanish Breadfrom ₱ 8

Sandwich & Sliced Bread

Sliced Bread Regular₱ 65
Graciosa Loaf₱ 30
Pandesalfrom ₱ 7
Sliced Bread Regular₱ 65
Sliced Bread Special₱ 70


Violet Cream Loaf₱ 13

Other Breads

Bicho-bicho Cheese₱ 9
Butter Bread₱ 7
Choco Swirl₱ 8
Siakoy₱ 8
Ube Bar Cake₱ 15
Ube Streusel₱ 8
Sweetheart₱ 11
Up & Down₱ 7
Ube Basket₱ 7
Mongo Basket₱ 8
Toasted Breadfrom ₱ 7
Mushroom₱ 7
Ensaymada Monggo₱ 8
Corn Bread₱ 7
Hawaiian Bread₱ 8
Graciosa Loaf₱ 30
Fig Pie₱ 9
Pineapple Pie₱ 8
Cinnamon Roll₱ 8
Polvoron₱ 8
Half Moon₱ 8
Sun Flower₱ 8
Puto Mamon₱ 7
Japanese Pie₱ 8
Doughnut₱ 8
Hopiafrom ₱ 8
Tortafrom ₱ 8
Cheese Breadfrom ₱ 8
Pandesalfrom ₱ 7
Francisfrom ₱ 7
Butter Bunfrom ₱ 7
Chocolate Crinklesfrom ₱ 8
Pan de Coco₱ 8
Cheese Streusel₱ 8
Chocolate Cake₱ 15

Buns & Breads

Chicken Roll₱ 10
Spanish Breadfrom ₱ 8
Choco German₱ 8
Binangkal₱ 8
Yoyo₱ 8

Cups & Tubs

Cup Noodles Batchoy₱ 27

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butterfrom ₱ 42

Other Spreads

Star Margarine Classic₱ 44
Cheese Spread Twin Pack Cheddar₱ 14

Fruit Juices

Chocolaitfrom ₱ 17
Nutriboostfrom ₱ 17
Company J Juice Orange₱ 15
Company J Juice Apple₱ 15

Carbonated Beverages

Coke 200mlfrom ₱ 15
Powerade₱ 42
Coke 295ml₱ 22

3-in-1 Coffee

Julies Kape 3in1₱ 10


Prima Life Water₱ 17
Summit Water₱ 17

Who is the owner of Julie’s bakeshop?

One (of the7) proud MVP Bossing 2015 (Go Negosyo) from Cebu, Mrs. Julia Gandionco and her husband Mr. Rodrigo Gandionco established the now famous, Julie’s Bakeshop.

What is Julie’s bakeshop known for?

Julie’s Bakeshop has been baking delicious and affordable breads for Filipinos for almost four decades. No merienda or almusal is complete without Julie’s! Own part of this beloved chain; now with franchise branches in the Philippines and abroad. The neighborhood bakeshop chain loved by Filipinos.

What type of business is Julie’s bakeshop?

Julie’s Franchise Corporation was founded in 1998. The company’s line of business includes the manufacturing of fresh or frozen bread and bread-type rolls, cakes, pies, and other perishable bakery products.

How did Julie bakeshop become successful?

With Julie’s offerings of hot bread every hour and a wide variety of quality products, her first bakeshop was a hit to the Filipino masses. Soon, her second store opened, then followed by a number of branches around Cebu. In 1988, the first Julie’s Bake Shop outside of Cebu opened in Iloilo City.

How old was Julie when she started her first branch of Julie’s bakeshop?

Never Too Late: Julia Gandionco Started Julie’s Bakeshop When She Was 50 Years Old. The humble beginnings of Julie’s Bakeshop will remind us that it’s never too late to start a business. Julia Gandionco was already 50 years old when she started what is now one of the Philippines’ largest bakery chains.

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