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Hello Maha G. Food Hub lovers, are you looking for the latest Maha G. Food Hub Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of  Maha G. Food Hub Menu 2023 Philippines With prices.

Maha G. Food Hub Menu Prices Philippines

Maha G. Food Hub Menu Philippines With Prices List


Indulge in a world of delectable flavors at Maha G. Food Hub with their enticing menu. Savor the aromatic “Chicken Biryani” starting from ₱ 279, or opt for the rich and succulent “Beef Biryani” priced at ₱ 357. Dive into the creamy goodness of “Hummus” for ₱ 179, or let your taste buds revel in the exotic spices of “Beef Curry,” starting from ₱ 269. For an extravagant treat, don’t miss the “Lamb Biryani” at ₱ 449. And, of course, the classic favorite “Butter Chicken” is here to delight your palate, available from ₱ 249. Maha G. Food Hub invites you to embark on a culinary journey filled with delightful choices and affordable prices.


Maha G. Food Hub presents a delightful array of biryanis that will satisfy your cravings. Enjoy the fragrant and flavorful “Chicken Biryani” and “Chicken Kofta Biryani,” both starting from ₱ 279. For those who prefer beef, the “Beef Biryani” awaits you at ₱ 357. Vegetarians can relish the “Vegetable Biryani” and “Veg Kofta Biryani,” both priced from ₱ 279. Meat lovers can indulge in the richness of “Mutton Biryani” and “Lamb Biryani,” both available from ₱ 449. If you’re in the mood for some exquisite rice dishes, don’t miss the “Biryani Rice” at ₱ 179, “Plain Basmati Rice” at ₱ 129, and “Garlic Rice” at ₱ 149. Plus, there are family pack options for the ultimate biryani experience. Maha G. Food Hub is your destination for authentic and diverse biryani choices in the Philippines.





Indulge in a symphony of Indian flavors at Maha G. Food Hub. Start your culinary journey with the creamy and delightful “Hummus” priced at ₱ 179. For a taste of traditional Indian cuisine, explore dishes like “Dal Makhani” starting from ₱ 219, “Palak Paneer” from ₱ 259, “Matar Paneer” at ₱ 249, and “Choley” available from ₱ 189.Vegetarian enthusiasts can savor dishes like “Vegetable Curry,” “Vegetable Kofta Curry,” “Vegetable Masala,” and “Kari Pakora,” all beginning from ₱ 229. For a richer experience, “Butter Paneer Masala” is a must-try at ₱ 269, and the regal “Shahi Paneer” is available starting from ₱ 259. Maha G. Food Hub is your gateway to authentic and delicious Indian cuisine in the Philippines.


Experience the delightful world of Indian bread at Maha G. Food Hub. Whether you’re a fan of classics or looking to explore new flavors, they have a range of options to satisfy your cravings. Start with the “Roti” at just ₱ 39 or indulge in the soft and fluffy “Naan” for ₱ 59. If you’re a cheese lover, the “Cheese Naan” at ₱ 119 is a must-try, while the aromatic “Garlic Naan” also priced at ₱ 119 offers a burst of flavor.For those seeking a different twist, the “Paratha” at ₱ 59 is a great choice. Elevate your paratha experience with the “Garlic Paratha” for ₱ 119, the “Sweet Paratha” at ₱ 99, or the irresistible “Cheese Paratha” priced at ₱ 119. Maha G. Food Hub brings you a variety of Indian bread options to complement your meal and enhance your dining experience.


Maha G. Food Hub Menu Prices Philippines

Maha G. Food Hub alternatives in Philippines

Who Is The Owner Of Maha G. Food Hub in the Philippines?

Kellen Mayer Is The Owner Of Maha G. Food Hub in the Philippines.

Is Maha G. Food Hub Halal In the Philippines?

We are not sure if Maha G. Food Hub is halal in Philippines or not.

How many branches of Maha G. Food Hub are there in the Philippines?

Maha G. Food Hub has more than 40 outlets in Philippines.

What Maha G. Food Hub Accepting Credit Cards In Philippines?

Yes! Maha G. Food Hub Accepting Credit Cards In Philippines.

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