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Outback Steakhouse Menu Philippines

Outback Steakhouse Menu Philippines With Price List


Savor the mouthwatering Kookaburra Wings for only ₱349, or delight in the explosion of flavors from the Crispy Volcano Shrimp priced at ₱399. The Appetizer Platter, a steal at ₱649, offers a variety of treats. Don’t miss the Typhoon Bloom starting from ₱249 and the Aussie Cheese Fries from ₱329. For seafood enthusiasts, the Crispy Fried Calamari at ₱379 is a must-try. Embark on a flavorsome adventure with options like Alice Springs Chicken Quesadilla from ₱329 and BBQ Pulled Pork Fries worth ₱529.

Salads and Soups

From the hearty Aussie Chicken Cobb Salad to the delectable Crispy Parmesan Shrimp Salad priced at just ₱589, there’s a taste for every palate. Indulge in their Signature Side Salads starting from ₱249 or savor the warmth of Signature Soups, beginning at ₱149. Whether it’s a protein-packed Chicken, Shrimp, or Sirloin Caesar Salad or a flavorful starter, this restaurant caters to diverse cravings.


Signature Steaks

Freshly Made Sides

From the tempting ₱129 Aussie Fries to the wholesome Fresh Seasonal Veggies and flavorful Garlic Rice, each dish resonated with quality and taste. The modest prices, starting at just ₱79 for Steamed Rice, make this restaurant a must-visit for a remarkable dining experience.

Specialty Cuts and Combos

The Black Pepper Steak Bites, starting at just ₱749, were a tantalizing explosion of flavors. The Alice Springs Chicken, priced from ₱629, was a succulent delight. For those seeking ultimate satisfaction, the Toowoomba Topped Sirloin (₱1,249) and Bacon Wrapped Fillet (₱1,349) are must-tries. The Beef Tips with Mushrooms (₱749) were a comforting and savory option.

Chicken and Seafood

Ribs and Chops

Burgers and Handhelds

From the hearty Typhoon Burger starting at just ₱589 to the Bacon Cheese Burger oozing deliciousness at ₱549, each bite was a burst of satisfaction. Don’t miss the Outbacker Burger at ₱499 or the zesty kick of the Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich priced at ₱429. For a lighter option, the Aussie Chicken Tacos are a steal at ₱399.


Do you pay for bread at Outback Steakhouse?

“Ever wondered about the deal with bread at Outback Steakhouse? Well, here’s the scoop: when you dine there, you can enjoy as much delicious bushman bread as you’d like, and guess what? It’s on the house! Yep, that means it’s absolutely free when you order a meal. And the best part? You can get unlimited refills of that tasty bread. Oh, and don’t forget, if you haven’t been offered takeaway bread before you leave, just ask for it. Happy dining!”

How many sides do you get at Outback?

when you’re dining at Outback, you’ll be delighted to know that each of their scrumptious steaks comes paired up with your selection of two delicious sides, freshly prepared to enhance your dining experience. It’s all about giving you that perfect combination to savor and enjoy during your visit to the Outback!

Do you get unlimited bread at Outback Steakhouse?

Outback bread is a honey and molasses wheat roll that goes great with all their entrees. The best part is that it’s unlimited, so if you run out of bread during your meal, you can always ask for more.

Does Outback still serve brown bread?

“Absolutely! Outback Steakhouse continues to delight its customers with its famous Bushman Bread. This delectable loaf, rich in flavor and dark in color, is crafted from whole wheat, honey, sweet molasses, and a touch of cocoa powder. The inspiration for this bread stems from the traditional bread-making of native Australians, adding a unique and irresistible twist to the dining experience.”

What is Outback famous for?

“Exploring the Charm of Outback: What’s the Buzz All About?
If you’re gearing up to dine at Outback Steakhouse, there are a few essential facts to tuck into your pocket. This renowned eatery has gained fame for its delightful array of Australian-inspired delicacies. Prepare your taste buds for a journey through delectable surf and turf classics that are sure to leave a lasting impression. And let’s not forget the irresistible appetizers that steal the show—none other than the iconic Bloomin’ Onion and their signature brown bread that’s a culinary gem in itself.”

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