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Bulgogi Garden Menu Philippines

Bulgogi Garden Menu Prices Philippines



Their menu offers a variety of mouthwatering dishes like Sogalbi, Jumulruk, Yangnyum Sogalbi, Chadolbagi, Yangnyum Woosam, Woosamgyup, and Samgyupsal, all at incredibly affordable prices ranging from ₱293.25 to ₱700. Indulge in the flavors of Korea without breaking the bank at Bulgogi Garden.


Spicy Food


From the rich and flavorful Galbitang at ₱340 to ₱400, to the mouthwatering Tukbegi Bulgogi priced at ₱361.25 to ₱425, this restaurant truly delivers on taste and affordability. Don’t miss out on their Den Jang Chige, Hemul Shun Tofu, Shun Tofu, and Kimchi Chige, all priced between ₱293.25 and ₱345.

A La Carte

They offer a variety of delicious dishes, including Sogogi Kimbap, Tuna Kimbap, Kimchi Kimbab, Haemul Japche, Japche, Bulgogi Ramyen, Haemul Ramyen, Special Ramyen, Mandu, and Chili Tokbokgi. With prices ranging from ₱221 to ₱350, you can enjoy authentic Korean flavors without breaking the bank.



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Bulgogi Garden Opening & Closing Hours

Monday8:00 – 19:00
Tuesday8:00 – 19:00
Wednesday8:00 – 19:00
Thursday8:00 – 19:00
Friday8:00 – 19:00
Saturday8:00 – 20:00
Sunday8:00 – 20:00

Who created bulgogi?

The intriguing tale behind the creation of bulgogi takes us back to the ancient days of Korea when this delectable dish first emerged. Known as “fire meat” due to its original method of preparation on skewers over a hwaro grill, the term “bulgogi” itself is a testament to its fiery beginnings. Its roots trace back to the Goguryeo era, spanning from 37 B.C. to 668 A.D. when it bore the name “maekjeok.” So, when savoring the succulent flavors of bulgogi today, remember that it carries with it a rich history that spans centuries.

What is the history behind bulgogi?

The fascinating history of bulgogi takes us back to the Goguryeo era, dating from 37 BCE to 668 CE. During this time, it was known as “maekjeok,” and the cooking method involved skewering and grilling beef. This mouthwatering dish has certainly come a long way, evolving over the centuries to become the beloved Korean barbecue sensation we savor today.

What nationality is Bulgogi?

Bulgogi, often referred to as the star of Korean barbecue, proudly carries the nationality of South Korea. This mouthwatering delight is a culinary masterpiece that showcases thinly sliced beef soaking up a delectable marinade before hitting the grill for that perfect char. Whether you prefer it well done or with a hint of rare, Bulgogi stands as a unique testament to the art of marinating and grilling meat in the rich tapestry of human culinary traditions. So, if you’re ever in the mood for a taste of Korea’s culinary heritage, Bulgogi is the dish to savor.

Is bulgogi halal or haram?

Certainly! When it comes to the culinary world, a common query often pops up: Is bulgogi considered halal or haram? Well, fret not, my fellow food enthusiasts! I’ve got some good news for you. Those mouthwatering marinated bulgogi beef strips can indeed be enjoyed in accordance with halal dietary guidelines. You see, the talented Kim Soo Jin, the mastermind behind the Food and Culture Academy, ensures that the preparation of this delectable dish aligns perfectly with halal rules. So, rest assured, you can savor the flavors of bulgogi without any culinary concerns!

Who owns the Bulgogi brothers?

Bulgogi Brothers, the popular restaurant chain, is under the ownership of Intae Jung, who serves as the chairman and chief executive of Et & Zeus Inc. This company granted franchise rights to Ausanee Mahagitsiri Leonio, the daughter of Prayuth Mahagitsiri, known for his association with the Nescafe coffee empire. It’s fascinating to see how this culinary gem is connected to such influential figures in the business world!

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