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Hello Cinnabon lovers, are you looking for the latest Cinnabon Philippines Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Cinnabon Menu 2023 Philippines with prices.

Cinnabon Ilippines  Menu Prices Philippines 2022

Cinnabon Menu Philippines 2023 With Prices List

Minichocobon Combo 4 Classic Roll Minibon 9 Minibon 4 Classic 4 Minichocobon 4 S’mores Minichocobon S’mores Minichocobon 9 S’mores Minichocobon Triple Combo S’mores Minichocobon Combo 9 S’mores Minichocobon 4 Minibon 9 Classic 4 Minichocobon Combo 4 Triple Combo 9 Minibon & Minichocobon Combo 9 Minichocobon 9 Minichocobon 4 Minibon 4 Pecanbon 4 Classic Cinnabon & Pecanbon Combo 4 Cinnabon Stix (8pcs) Minipecanbon 9 Minipecanbon Combo 9 Classic Roll Cinnabon Stix 4 ( 4pcs) Minichocobon Roll On The Go Caramel Pecanbon Minibon Minipecanbon Raisin Bread Vanilla & Cream Cold Brew Cinnamon Roll Cold Brew Cold Brew with Cream Mochalatta Chill Mochalatta Icescape Classic Cold Brew Frosting – Chocolate Dip Frosting – Cream Cheese Frosting – Caramel



Minichocobon Combo 4₱ 265
Classic Roll₱ 130
Minibon 9₱ 515
Minibon 4₱ 250
Classic 4₱ 415
Minichocobon 4₱ 290

Limited Time Offers

S'mores Minichocobon₱ 110
S'mores Minichocobon 9₱ 645
S'mores Minichocobon Triple Combo₱ 625
S'mores Minichocobon Combo 9₱ 575
S'mores Minichocobon 4₱ 315


Minibon 9₱ 515
Classic 4₱ 415
Minichocobon Combo 4₱ 265
Triple Combo 9₱ 595
Minibon & Minichocobon Combo 9₱ 555
Minichocobon 9₱ 595
Minichocobon 4₱ 290
Minibon 4₱ 250
Pecanbon 4₱ 585
Classic Cinnabon & Pecanbon Combo 4₱ 505
Cinnabon Stix (8pcs)₱ 190
Minipecanbon 9₱ 645
Minipecanbon Combo 9₱ 595

Handmade Treats

Classic Roll₱ 130
Cinnabon Stix 4 ( 4pcs)₱ 105
Minichocobon₱ 100
Roll On The Go₱ 100
Caramel Pecanbon₱ 165
Minibon₱ 90
Minipecanbon₱ 110

Other Baked Items

Raisin Bread₱ 195

Delicious Drinks

Vanilla & Cream Cold Brew₱ 175
Cinnamon Roll Cold Brew₱ 165
Cold Brew with Cream₱ 165
Mochalatta Chill₱ 165
Mochalatta Icescape₱ 165
Classic Cold Brew₱ 135


Frosting - Chocolate Dip₱ 45
Frosting - Cream Cheese₱ 45
Frosting - Caramel₱ 45

Is there Cinnabon in the Philippines?

The indulging aroma of Cinnabon has been in the Philippines since 1999 under the management of CANELLE FOOD CORPORATION (CAFCO), which holds the exclusive franchise of Cinnabon in the country.

What is cinnabons pricing strategy?

Cinnabon, though store managers disagree, utilizes a “7-11” pricing strategy. Evidence of this is found by simply looking at the menu: 9oz Cinnabon = $1.99, while 4oz Cinnabon = $1.49. In most cases, the consumer sees that there is more “bang for the buck” in purchasing the larger roll.

How big is a Cinnabon cinnamon roll?

They’re huge, and they taste exactly the same. I felt like I hit the jackpot. Although they’re not as big as the ones you buy because I wanted to make a dozen with this recipe, so I cut each roll so that it’s 1 1/2 inches in height whereas the original ones are 2 1/2 inches.

Is cinnamon common in the Philippines?

Cinnamon exploration and utilization have a deep history in the Philippines. Cinnamon has been produced and traded in the country since the 1500s, but compared to commercially known cinnamons from other countries, the Philippine cinnamon is less studied and explored for utilization.

Is Cinnabon only in the US?

Not only are there now locations throughout the nation and in over 50 countries worldwide, but the menu has also expanded to offer exciting, new ways for guests to enjoy the irresistible pleasure that only Cinnabon can provide. Cinnabon® is now one of the world’s most recognized and sought-after brands.

Why is Cinnabon so good?

Specifically, our cinnamon is unique due to its highly volatile oil and cellulose content. It’s what provides that unmistakable aroma and ooey-gooey thick consistency to Cinnabon’s world-famous cinnamon rolls and our other irresistible baked treats.” Well, there ya have it.

Is Cinnabons unhealthy?

Cinnabon’s Classic Roll has over 800 calories

But, the worst offender is the Caramel Pecanbon with 1090 calories, 51 grams of fat (20 saturated) ,149 grams of carbs, and 77 grams of sugar! That’s over three days’ worth of recommended sugar for the average woman.

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