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Ngohiong Express Menu Philippines

Ngohiong Express Menu Philippines With Price List


A La Carte

Indulge in a delectable culinary journey at Ngohiong Express in the Philippines! Savor a delightful array of dishes from their menu, including mouthwatering options like Siomai, Chorizo Pinoy, Bacon Rolls, and more, all available at wallet-friendly prices starting from just ₱12. Whether you’re a fan of chicken delights like Chicken Wing, Drumstick, or Thigh, or craving Pork Chop perfection, Ngohiong Express has your cravings covered. Don’t miss out on the flavorful Siopao, priced at ₱32.


From the savory Siomai Meal at just ₱68 to the delectable Sardines Omelette Meal priced at ₱106, each dish is a flavor-packed delight. Whether you’re a fan of chicken, pork, or seafood, Ngohiong Express has you covered with their diverse range of options, including the tempting Bangus Meal for ₱125 and the irresistible Chorizo Pinoy Meal at only ₱50.




Wingyard Bistro Opening & Closing Hours

Sunday6 am–9 pm
Monday6 am–9 pm
Tuesday6 am–9 pm
Wednesday6 am–9 pm
Thursday6 am–9 pm
Friday6 am–9 pm
Saturday6 am–9 pm

What are the ingredients in ngohiong express?

“What exactly goes into making that delightful dish called ngohiong express? Well, it’s a flavorful combination of singkamas, ubod, onion, garlic, a blend of seasonings, and a secret ingredient – a unique powder crafted from a special mix of five spices. This culinary delight has its roots in China and boasts a tantalizing blend of cinnamon, star anise, fennel seeds, Sichuan pepper, and cloves. These ingredients come together to create the unmistakable taste that ngohiong express is known for.”

Does ngohiong have meat?

Certainly! Ngohiong, also referred to as ngoyong, is a delectable Filipino appetizer that boasts a delightful combination of sliced or diced veggies and ground meat or shrimp, all artfully seasoned with a blend of five-spice powder. This delectable mixture is then encased within a delicate egg crêpe and given a crispy finish through deep-frying. So yes, meat is indeed a key component of this flavorful dish.

What is ngohiong in english?

Ngohiong is a delightful Filipino dish that features a crispy, deep-fried roll made from rice paper. Inside this crunchy roll, you’ll find a mix of singkamas (jicama), ubod (coconut palm heart), minced pork, minced shrimp, garlic, and onions, all seasoned with the aromatic Chinese five-spice powder. This tasty treat is served alongside a dipping sauce that brings together sweet, sour, and spicy flavors for a truly satisfying culinary experience.

Where did ngohiong come from?

Sure thing, let’s dive into the origins of ngohiong! It’s fascinating to note that ngohiong has a distinct connection to Cebu. This delectable dish traces its roots back to the culinary traditions of Chinese households in Cebu, with a special emphasis on the Uy clan. This evolution over time has given ngohiong its unique and delicious character that we all love.

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