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Secret Kitchen Menu Philippines

Secret Kitchen Menu Philippines With Price List



Indulge in their mouthwatering Cochi Plates, ranging from the savory Cochi Plate 1 at ₱260 to the delightful Cochi Plate 3 at ₱280. Craving something with a tofu twist? Their Tofu Sisig Plates are a must-try, with options like Tofu Sisig Plate 1 starting at just ₱209. Don’t miss out on the flavorsome Sisig Bowl priced at ₱218.

A La Carte

From the flavorful Cochi Dumpling Noodle Soup at ₱200 to the mouthwatering Bagnet Chips With Gising Gising priced at ₱180, every dish is a burst of Filipino culinary excellence. Don’t miss the exquisite Boneless Bangus With Laing and the savory Secret Pancit, both priced affordably at ₱228 and ₱140, respectively.

Fried Spring Rolls


Who is the founder of Secret Kitchen?

The creative mind behind Secret Kitchen is none other than Aanal Kotak. With a prominent presence in the Culinary Industry, Aanal Kotak shines as a celebrated Celebrity Chef. Her restaurant chains stand as a testament to her remarkable talent, offering patrons an exceptional and inventive dining journey. Aanal pours her passion into crafting every dish, leaving an indelible mark on the culinary world.

Who is the CEO of Dark Kitchen?

The helm of Dark Kitchen, the brainchild of ex-Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, has been held by him. Travis Kalanick’s venture, known as CloudKitchens, recently decided to cease its operations in India. This decision was influenced by the challenge of creating consistent profits throughout the past three years.

Why is it called Dark Kitchen?

The term “Dark Kitchen” finds its origin in the nature of these culinary spaces. These kitchens are typically devoid of windows, thus embracing the descriptor “dark.” This name has emerged due to the lack of visibility for consumers who might not be aware that their meals are prepared in such kitchens.

How many branches does Secret Kitchen have in the Philippines?

9 branches are Secret Kitchen have in the Philippines

Does Secret Kitchen accept credit cards?

Yes! Secret Kitchen accepts credit cards

Is Secret Kitchen halal?

Secret Kitchen’s halal status is a matter of debate and personal interpretation. Some believe it is halal, while others do not. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

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