Wing N Out caters to hen wing fanatics in addition to embracing the Philippines’ culinary way of life. The standout dish is the enduring beef Sisig, a harmonious combination of gentle red meat, fiery chilies, and crisp onions, all crowned with a gooey egg yolk. Wing N Out gives a flavorful enjoy for all eating patterns and appetites. Famous menu gadgets encompass 12, 6, or 36 fowl wings, as well as flavored wings and the signature red meat Sisig. Wing N Out is a gathering place for friends and family to indulge in mountains of crispy and juicy wings with laughter and pleasant opposition.

Wing N Out Menu Prices Philippines

Wing N Out Menu Prices Philippines


Chicken Wings

Flavored Chicken Wings

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Popular at Wing N Out Philippines

12 Pcs Chicken Wings:

Dive into Wing N Out’s ultimate feast – a dozen wings of crispy gold, begging to be dunked in your choice of signature sauces. Go classic with Buffalo for fiery heat, creamy Ranch for cooling comfort, or unleash your inner daredevil with the fiery Atomic. This is finger-licking fun at its finest, perfect for sharing (if you’re feeling generous).

12 Pcs Chicken Wings:

6 Pcs Chicken Wings:

Craving a taste of Wing N Out magic but need a smaller fix? Six wings hit the spot just right. Choose your wing flavor wisely – from sweet Honey Garlic to tangy Lemon Pepper, there’s a symphony of deliciousness waiting to tantalize your taste buds.

6 Pcs Chicken Wings:

Pork Sisig:

Don’t let the “wing” in the name fool you, Wing N Out has a secret weapon for non-fowl fans – the legendary Pork Sisig. Tender, sizzling pork bits mingle with fiery chilies, crisp onions, and a gooey egg yolk, creating a flavor explosion that’s uniquely Filipino and oh-so-satisfying. This is one dish that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Pork Sisig:

6 Pcs Flavored Wings:

Can’t decide on just one flavor? Why choose when you can have variety? Wing N Out’s 6 Pcs Flavored Wings let you mix and match to your heart’s content. Go for a sweet and spicy combo with Honey Garlic and Buffalo, or keep it classic with Ranch and BBQ.

6 Pcs Flavored Wings:

36 Pcs Chicken Wings:

Gather your wing-loving squad because a feast of epic proportions awaits. 36 Wings are the ultimate challenge, a mountain of crispy, juicy goodness ready to conquer. Choose your sauces strategically – balance heat with creamy dips, sweet with spicy, and prepare for a wing-tastic adventure that’ll leave you with satisfied smiles and sticky fingers.

36 Pcs Chicken Wings:

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Wing N Out Opening & Closing Hours

Friday12–8 pm
Saturday12–8 pm
Sunday12–8 pm
Monday12–8 pm
Tuesday12–8 pm
Wednesday12–8 pm
Thursday12–8 pm

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Phone : +63 998 343 6918

How many branches does Wing N Out have in the Philippines?

22 branches of Wing N Out have in the Philippines

Who is the owner of Wing N Out in the Philippines?

Khalid Waizi, known as “Sam” is the owner of Wing N Out in the Philippines.

Does Wing N Out accept credit cards?

Yes! Wing N Out accepts credit cards.

Is Wing N Out halal?

Wing N Out halal status is a matter of debate and personal interpretation. Some believe it is halal, while others do not. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

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