Anita’s might seem like a regular home bakeshop, but they go way beyond the usual bread and rolls. Picture savory pies filled with local flavors, creamy desserts with a touch of island sweetness, and pastries so delicate they melt in your mouth. Some popular items on their menu include Torta Plate, 4pcs Fig Pie, and Bagumbayan. The legacy of baking excellence at Anita’s is a gift from Mama Anita, whose love for baking fills every corner of the bakeshop with warmth and care.

Anita's Home Bakeshop Menu Prices Philippines

Anita’s Home Bakeshop Menu Prices Philippines

Meat Filled

A La Carte





Popular at Anita’s Home Bakeshop Philippines

Torta Plate:

Indulge in the delightful goodness of Anita’s Home Bakeshop’s Torta Plate, a culinary masterpiece that perfectly captures the essence of Filipino baking. Each bite of this traditional treat is a journey into layers of moist and flavorful cake, expertly crafted with a touch of homey warmth. Served in generous portions, the Torta Plate is a testament to Anita’s commitment to delivering not just a dessert but a comforting experience that resonates with the rich flavors of local baking traditions.

 Torta Plate:

4pcs Fig Pie:

For a taste of nostalgia and sweetness, Anita’s Home Bakeshop’s 4pcs Fig Pie is a must-try. These little pockets of joy are filled with luscious fig filling encased in a flaky, buttery crust. The perfect balance of fruity goodness and pastry perfection makes these Fig Pies a delightful treat, bringing a touch of homemade charm to every bite.

 4pcs Fig Pie:


Discover the unique flavors of Anita’s Home Bakeshop’s Bagumbayan, a Filipino culinary gem that combines tradition with innovation. This delectable creation showcases the melding of rich, savory flavors in every bite. The Bagumbayan is a testament to Anita’s Home Bakeshop’s ability to take familiar ingredients and elevate them to a new level of culinary delight, making it a must-have for those seeking an authentic taste of Filipino gastronomy.


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Anita’s Home Bakeshop Opening & Closing Hours

Tuesday5 am–11 pm
Wednesday5 am–11 pm
Thursday5 am–11 pm
Friday5 am–11 pm
Saturday5 am–11 pm
Sunday5 am–11 pm
Monday5 am–11 pm

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Phone: +63 933 512 6433

What is the history of Anita’s Bakeshop?

The story behind Anita’s Bakeshop is a delightful tale of passion and determination. Founded by the talented Anita Cabinian, a former math teacher, her love for baking was ignited by her aunt, who lovingly taught her the art of baking in the cozy confines of their home. Armed with a modest oven and a handful of essential ingredients, Anita embarked on her baking journey, opening her very first bakeshop in the year 1968.

Who invented Anita’s Bakeshop?

Baking Through the Ages | Exploring the Origins of Baking
When it comes to the fascinating history of baking, we can trace its roots back to the innovative Egyptians, who left behind tantalizing hints of their culinary prowess dating as far back as 2600 B.C., as documented by Baking Times. These ancient trailblazers were the trailblazers who kickstarted the art of baking bread with the use of yeast, setting the stage for a culinary journey that has enriched our lives ever since.

How many branches does Anita’s Home Bakeshop have in the Philippines?

Today, Anita’s Home Bakeshop has 19 branches, has recently opened 2 new stores located at Mabolo and Pueblo Verde and launching a new store along Salinas Drive in Lahug.

Who is the owner of Anita’s Home Bakeshop in the Philippines?

Anita’s Home Bakeshop Inc.
was established by Anita Cabinian, a former math teacher whose passion for baking was sparked by her aunt who taught her to bake at home.

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