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Gong cha provides the best milk tea latte in the Philippines. The Gong cha menu is inspired by a foam milk latte. This rich milky coffee perfectly meets your desires with ultimate taste. 

Gong Cha Menu Philippines 2022

Here is the latest list of gong cha prices:

House Special

Matcha Milk Tea₱115₱130
Milk Alisan Tea₱95₱110
Milk Black Tea₱95₱110
Milk Brown Sugar BT₱115₱130
Milk Chocolate₱105₱125
Milk Coffee₱145₱165
Milk Earl Grey Tea₱95₱110
Milk Golden Ovaltine₱105₱115
Milk Green Tea₱95₱110
Milk Mango Alisan Tea₱125₱140
Milk Milk Tea₱125₱140
Milk Taro₱105₱125
Milk Wintermelon₱95₱105
Oreo Tea₱135₱150
Strawberry Milk Smoothie₱130₱150

Choco Loco

Banana Chocolate₱100₱120
Chocolate Milk₱90₱105
Earl Grey Chocolate₱95₱115
Golden Ovaltine₱90₱105
Hot Chocolate Milk₱90N/A
Hot Golden Ovaltine₱90N/A
Matcha Chocolate₱120₱130
Matcha Oreo Chocolate₱125₱135
Salted Caramel Chocolate₱90₱105
Strawberry Chocolate₱100₱115
Strawberry Oreo Chocolate₱125₱135

Wintermelon Mania

Banana Wintermelon₱100₱115
Choco Wintermelon₱95₱110
Lemon Wintermelon₱85₱100
Passion Fruit Wintermelon₱100₱115
Wintermelon Alisan Tea₱85₱100
Wintermelon Milk₱90₱105
Yakult Wintermelon₱100₱115

Coffee Special

Butterscotch Coffee₱120₱135
Caramel Coffee₱125₱140
Hot Caramel Coffee₱125N/A
Hot Mocha Coffee₱125N/A
Hot Special Milk Coffee₱85N/A
Mocha Coffee₱125₱140
Oreo Mocha Coffee₱115₱135
Special Milk Coffee₱85₱95

Ice Cream Special

Ice Cream Chocolate₱120₱135
Ice Cream Milk Tea₱110₱125
Ice Cream Tea₱95₱110

Ice Smoothies

Banana Choco Ice₱130
Brown Sugar₱110
Brown Sugar Large₱140
Butterscotch Large₱145
Chocolate Ice with Pearl₱115
Honey Dew Ice₱115
HS Caramel Milk₱150
HS Earl Grey Chocolate₱150
HS Matcha Milk₱150
Mango Ice with Pearl₱135
Matcha Chocolate₱130
Matcha Ice₱135
Matcha Oreo Chocolate Ice₱140
Milk Ice with PJ & FJ₱115
Oreo Choco Ice₱135
Oreo Vanilla Ice₱135
Passion Fruit Green Tea₱130
Strawberry Banana Ice₱130
Strawberry Choco Ice₱130
Strawberry Oreo Chocolate₱130
Taro Ice Smoothie₱115
Wintermelon Ice₱110

Fruit Tea

Honey Lemon Tea₱95₱110
Hot Honey Lemon Tea₱95N/A
Hot Lemon Green Tea₱75N/A
Lemon Green Tea₱75₱85
Lychee Green Tea Aloe₱95₱110
Mango Alisan Tea₱95₱110
Passion Fruit GT with
Pearl & Fruit Jelly
Peach Green Tea₱85₱100
Strawberry Black Tea₱95₱110

Fruit Series

Banana Milk₱90₱105
Honey Dew Milk₱95₱110
Lemon Juice with Aloe₱90₱105
Peach Juice & Fruit Jelly₱95₱110
Strawberry Banana₱100₱115
Strawberry Lime₱110₱130
Strawberry Matcha Latte₱135₱150
Strawberry Taro₱130₱150
Taro Milk₱95₱110

Brewed Tea

Alisan Tea₱60₱70
Honey Green Tea₱75₱85
Hot Alisan Tea₱60N/A
Hot Honey Green Tea₱75N/A
Hot Taiwan Black Tea₱60N/A
Hot Taiwan Green Tea₱60N/A
Taiwan Black Tea₱60₱70
Taiwan Green Tea₱60₱70
Yakult Green Tea₱95₱110

Milk Tea

Alisan Milk Tea₱85₱100
Brown Sugar Coffee
Milk Tea
Brown Sugar Milk
Butterscotch Matcha
Milk Tea
Butterscotch Milk Tea₱110₱115
Caramel Milk Tea₱90₱105
Coffee Milk Tea₱105₱115
Earl Grey Milk Tea₱85₱100
Honey Milk Tea₱95₱105
Hot Alisan Milk Tea₱85N/A
Hot Brown Sugar
Milk Tea
Hot Caramel Milk
Hot Coffee Milk Tea₱105N/A
Hot Earl Grey Milk
Hot Honey Milk Tea₱95N/A
Hot Matcha Honey
Dew Milk Tea
Hot Matcha Milk Tea₱95N/A
Hot Milk Green Tea₱85N/A
Hot Milk Tea₱85N/A
Hot Oreo Milk Tea₱115N/A
Hot Strawberry Milk
Hot Toffee Caramel
Milk Tea
Hot Toffee Milk Tea₱90N/A
Matcha Honey Dew
Milk Tea
Matcha Milk Tea₱95₱110
Milk Green Tea₱85₱100
Milk Tea₱85₱100
Milk Tea with 3J’s₱110₱120
Milk Tea with Herbal
Milk Tea with Pearl
Oreo Milk Tea₱115₱135
Oreo Strawberry Milk
Strawberry Milk Tea₱100₱115
Toffee Caramel Milk
Toffee Milk Tea₱90₱105


Coconut Jelly₱21
Coffee Jelly₱21
Fruit Jelly₱21
Gong Cha Milk Cream₱42
Grass Jelly₱21
Ice Cream₱32
Oreo Crumbs₱27
Pearl Jelly₱16
Splenda Sweetener₱6

Gong Cha Philippines Menu Updated 2023

Gong cha is making fresh tea that is recognized globally/ if you taste their tea it’s really good. The Gong cha menu in the Philippines does not have just tea, it offers fruit juices, tea lattes, coffee lattes, and much more. It updated its menu and introduced some new gong cha flavors like brown sugar milk tea, strawberry milk tea, and some other cups of tea.  

Gong Cha  best seller

Everybody enjoys gong cha milk tea either bubble tea, mango milk, coffee, or milk foam coffee latte. 

One of the top demanding menu items is bubble tea, a Filipino favorite tea. You can drink and share hot bubble tea with friends.

Gong cha winter melon milk tea is also blended with a variety of fruits, fresh cream, and milk. Its milk tea series keeps you warm in winter. 

You can enjoy winter with gong cha pearl milk tea, black, green, oolong caramel, and brown sugar milk tea. 

Gong Cha Bubble Tea

All Gong cha branches offer a variety of gong cha bubble tea flavors.  It’s a specialty of their shop. Bubble tea is prepared with fresh fruit juices, fruits, milk and topped with bubbles that look so yummy. the infusion of fruits and milk served with hot and cold drinks. You can drink this wonderful drink through a straw. 

Gong Cha bubble tea comes in a variety of flavors:

  • Milk foam series
  • Green milk foam
  • Black milk foam
  • Oolong milk foam
  • Earl grey milk foam
  • Wintermelon 
  • Dirty brown sugar milk tea

About Gong Cha 

The Gong cha menu in the Philippines is a popular brand in the tea industry. It started in 2006 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  Their doors are always open for premium quality fresh tea drinks. 

It quickly expanded into 15 countries and all over the world launched its tasty pearl cafe at 15,00 locations. Gong cha is the most popular brand in Korea, Malaysia, the USA, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, the Philippines, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Its mission is to provide quality products to customers.  The values of quality, innovation, and service have made Gong Cha the successful bubble tea brand it is today

 Gong Cha Delivery

Is Gong cha available on Foodpanda?

Yes, gong cha menu delivery is available online, order food by foodpanda also. You just need to search gong cha near me and check franchise location, place an order by using gong cha pickup delivery services. 

Have a cup of gong cha milk tea? It is open from 9 AM to 10 PM. order online and stay safe. It provides food on your doorstep. You just call the gong cha delivery service hotline  7575555.

 Gong Cha contact

If you want to give some suggestions contact them by using such social media links:

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